India 2022: Department of Pulmonary Medicine | St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Delegate: Department of Pulmonary Medicine

Affiliation: St. John's Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Short Bio: The Department of Pulmonary Medicine has been running a sleep disorders service since 15 years. We have 2 full-fledged Level 1 Sleep labs and have a dedicated Sleep Clinic twice a week. We have successfully executed research projects in OSA and RLS which have been presented at various international conferences like the World Sleep Society Congress and the ERS congress. Faculty from the department are a part of the World Sleep Academy and we are also a mentor site for ISRTP by the WSS.

Activity: World Sleep Day was celebrated on 18Th March 2022 by the department of pulmonary medicine. The theme for World Sleep Day for this year was Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy world and the celebration resonated the same.
A free camp was organized by the Department of Pulmonary Medicine on 18th and 19th March where patients who visited the outpatient department were educated about good quality sleep with the help of posters and flyers. Many myths regarding sleep were dispelled and various questions regarding sleep related problems were answered. The sleep technicians were also involved in conveying the message of quality sleep for the making of a happy world.
As a part of the hospital clinical meet, which is organized every Friday, department of pulmonary medicine organized a scientific deliberation for the clinicians. The aim of the meet was to make the clinicians aware of the need for quality sleep and common sleep disorders.
Dr Kavitha emphasized on the need for good quality sleep and common sleep disorders. She also discussed about the various diagnostic modalities the department has, teaching programs and sleep related research happening in the department.
The department is also a mentor site for International Sleep Research Training Programme by the World Sleep Society and has two mentees this year who gave an overview of their research projects. The need for sleep in critically ill patients and survivors of critical illness was discussed by Dr Chitra with a highlight on the ways to promote good quality sleep in an intensive care unit. Dr Ruby discussed Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the most common sleep related breathing disorder that is evaluated in the sleep clinic and the various diagnostic tests and treatment modalities for the same.
The session was quite interactive with inputs from other departments like Psychiatry and Otorhinolaryngology which are equally involved in treating sleep related problems.

Location: St. John's Medical College Hospital

Date of Activity: 18 and 19th March 2022

Submitted by: Dr Uma Devaraj