India 2021: Dr Sourav Das

Delegate name: Dr. Sourav Das


There was a press conference organised by Dr. Sourav Das, Dr. Uttam Agarwal and Dr. Haseeb Hassan on the occasion to raise awareness among the general public. The media coverage is attached below.


Dr. Dipankar Dutta and Dr. Arup Halder also gave relevant press briefings and briefs to a popular radio station and TV channel on the occasion (link given below).


The group of 5 (Dr. Sourav Das, Dr. Uttam Agarwal, Dr. Dipankar Dutta, Dr. Arup Halder, Dr. Haseeb Hassan) organised a CME on the World Sleep Day for physicians from diverse backgrounds which was appreciated by many (link attached below).


Apart from these, Dr. Arjun Dasgupta and Dr. Raja Dhar had also conducted a press conference in association with CMRI Hospital, Kolkata to mark the occasion.


There were many promotional activities to mark the day for the entire week involving lots of doctors, healthcare staff and the general public.




Location: Kolkata and Eastern India


Date of Activity: 3/19/21


Submitted by: Dr. Sourav Das