India 2021: Dr Kavita Choudhari

Delegate: Dr Kavita Choudhari

Affiliations: consultant at Vitalife Medipoint Hospital and Jupiter Hospital, Pune Maharashtra state India

Short Bio: I am an ENT SURGEON , working in the field of OSA since last 6-7 years.


1. Marathi article in local newspaper about healthy sleep :

2. My marathi interview with local Sakal Digital media group explaining SLEEP HYGIENE

3. My english interview with The Bridge Chronicle, local digital platform

4. My Fb Live with local tertiary care hospital topic REGULAR SLEEP, HEALTHY FUTURE

5. My article ON OSA in Activity no. 6. My article on OSA in

Location: Pune, Maharashtra State, India

Date of Activity: 19th Of March 2021

Submitted By: Dr Kavita Choudhari