India 2020: Dr Kripesh Ranjan Sarmah / Apollo Hospitals Guwahati and North East Sleep Society

Delegate: Dr Kripesh Ranjan Sarmah

Affiliations: Apollo Hospitals Guwahati and North East Sleep Society (India)

Short Bio: Consultant pulmonologist and sleep specialist, Apollo Hospitals Guwahati
Secretary, North East Sleep Society (India)

Activity: Sleep disorder awareness camp in various location of Assam and North East India. In camps people were made aware of various sleep disorders. Camps are conducted in Dr Paranab Baruwa’s chamber, Nightingale Hospital (Dr Gautam Khaund, Dr Vivek Agarwal and team), Dispur Hospital (Dr Abhishek Agarwal), Apollo Hospitals Guwahati (Dr Kripesh Ranjan Sarmah), GNRC Hospitals (DR V Lahan and Dr Farjana Begum), Hayat Hospital (Dr Smitakshi Medhi), Narayan Hrudalay (Dr Mridul Sarma), Aditya Hospital Dibrugarh (DR Mriganka Mishra), HAMH (Dr Himmat Singh Ratiore), Jorhat Medical College (Dr Priyanka Changmai), Gauhati Medical College, Silchar Medical College, Dr Jayanta Das and Dr Anweshek Das Chamber in Guwahati

Location: Assam and North East India

Date of Activity: 13th March 2020

Submitted By: Dr Kripesh Ranjan Sarmah

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