India 2019: NapNap Mat

Delegate: NapNap Mat

Affiliations: World Sleep Day Organization

Short Bio: NapNap is a collective of creative innovators with a common cause – to ensure the baby and the parents get an adequate amount of sleep.

We solve real-world problems with the creation of functional, simple and elegantly designed products and solutions. Our ingenious engineering techniques and skills are complemented by contemporary and tasteful aesthetics.

We strive to make a new parent’s life easier by helping them tackle the big boulders of parenthood so that they can spend more of their time and effort enjoying the presence of their baby.

Our flagship product, NapNap Mat, is the world’s first portable vibrating mat that mimics a mother’s womb and lulls the baby to sleep. Sleep is the No.1 problem in parenting and NapNap is the perfect assistant to help mother’s put their baby to sleep.

As the World Sleep Day is approaching on the 15th March 2019, we at NapNap, want to raise awareness about sleep deprivation and its ill-effects.

Activity: Presenting ‘Let’s Talk Sleep’ initiative
#LetsTalkSleep initiative encourages the audience to share their sleep deprivation story and showcase their support for sleep awareness by sharing a sleep symbol on their social platforms.

#LetsTalkSleep website – We created a website which has all the information about sleep – facts, impact, diagnosis, tips and more. The website also had two sleep tests – Insomnia Severity Index and Sleep Deprivation Index – which helped the people understand the sleep score and directed them to the required tips and routines to improve their sleep.
Over the period of one week, we received 5588 page views on our website. Sleep tests received a tremendous response. In a week’s time (8th-15th March), over 1153 and 429 people took the Sleep Deprivation Index and Insomnia Severity Index tests respectively.

Link to the #LetsTalkSleep website –  #LetsTalkSleep website

#LetsTalkSleep Symbol & Video – We created a symbol for the #LetsTalkSleep campaign so that people could share the sleep and urge people to talk about the importance of sleep. This #LetsTalkSleep symbol was shared across social platforms and groups. We also shared the #LetsTalkSleep symbol with a number of sleep experts, celebrities, influencers and bloggers as they can influence their audience and create awareness about sleep.

The #LetsTalkSleep video had a number of people from varied scopes of life urge the audience to #LetsTalkSleep. The video was shared with the media, celebrities, influencers and more.

The #LetsTalkSleep symbol and video was also shared within the biggest mother community in India. The primary reason for this targeting was that the mothers, especially new mothers, are generally very sleep deprived.

Both the symbol and the video received a tremendous response. It was re-shared by a number of big celebrities, influencers, and bloggers across India and abroad. The symbol and video reached over 1.2 Million people on Instagram, over 2Lakh people on Facebook, over 50K people of Whatsapp. These numbers are what could be tracked and the reach is expected to be much more.

Your support is important to us!

How can you support #LetsTalkSleep

We request you to support #LetsTalkSleep in the following ways –
Symbol – Please share the sleep symbol (attached) on your social media platform with the caption ‘Sleep is important and I would like to gift a peaceful sleep to this ‘WorldSleepDay. Head to to learn about sleep.

Video – Please send us a video (can be self-shot) saying ‘Let’s Talk Sleep. Sleep is crucial for human health and let’s not take it for granted.’

Location: Mumbai India

Date of Activity: 15th March 2019

Submitted By: Sameer Agarwal