India 2019: Dr. Bindu M Kutty

Delegate: Dr. Bindu M Kutty

Affiliations: Professor and Head, Dept. of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India

Short Bio: Professor and Head, Dept. of Neurophysiology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, India

Activity: Sleep awareness program was organized at NIMHANS as a part of world sleep day for students, faculties, staff and patients. The awareness program consisted of a video documentary on sleep which covered various aspects of sleep, sleep hygiene and sleep disorders. All the participants filled up sleep & dreaming questionnaire. Interactive sessions could address concerns from shift workers and patients. Total footfall was 150 people.

Location: Bengaluru, India

Date of Activity: 14-03-2019

Submitted By: Dr. Bindu M Kutty and Dr. Ravi Yadav