India 2018: Dr. Bindu M Kutty

Delegate: Dr. Bindu M Kutty

Affiliations: Dept. of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India

Short Bio: Professor and HOD of Dept. of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS.
Research Interests :Neural correlates of meditation , Consciousness , Cognition , Neurobiology of Sleep, Role of subiculum in spatial learning and memory functions.

Activity: Human SleepResearch Lab conducted a sleep survey during annual science day event on 28th February, 2018 at NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India.. The sleep survey comprised of queries which are of concern in our modern society. Poor quality of sleep, increased drowsiness even after waking up, having difficulty in falling asleep etc are a few of them. Survey results could catch a trend of these concerns especially in school going children. We made a small infographic out of the results. A total of 163 people participated in the survey. A majority of this were high school children.
This was the survey questionnaire.
Details of survey are summarized in the form of an infographic. Sleep right, be bright. And remember, for a great day have a good night!

Location: Bengaluru, India

Date of Activity: February 28, 2018

Submitted By: Rahul Venugopal