India 2017: Touchkin

Delegate: Smriti Joshi & Soundarya Murthy


We have added #sleep bot on this day to our existing emotionally intelligent Chatbot Wysa which is available for free on fb messenger, android and IOS, to help people access sleep hygiene tips or a platform to vent out their woes rather than ruminate and lose sleep over it. we r going to run a worldsleepday campaign over social media helping create awareness about the importance of healthy sleep cycle plus help them access wysa to increase self help behaviours to manage sleep issues.

Location: online

Date: 17th MArch

Submitted by: Smriti Joshi

Short Bio: Smriti is a lead psychologist with 15 years of experience and Soundarya is a Content expert with which is an emotionally intelligent AI platform having a preventing healthcare focus. enabling people to receive proactive, personalised behavioral health support from their phone, caregivers or coaches.