India 2017: Dr Surya Prakash

Delegate: Dr Surya Prakash

Affiliations: Senior Research Scientist

In this study, a total of 6,955 non diabetic children were screened from different schools (Government and Private) of Delhi in North India from November 2014 to 31st February, 2017 and we got 6264 healthy, 276 overweight and 415 obese children’s.

We screened 4178 (60% are male and 40% are female children) subjects in private schools and 2,777 (66% are male and 34 % are female children) subjects in government schools. Mean values of Weight (p=0.0001), height (p=0.0001), body mass index (p=0.0001), abdominal obesity [waist circumference (p=0.00001) and hip circumference (p=0.0001)] was significantly higher in children from private schools as compared to the government schools. Male and female subjects were significantly more in private schools as compared to government schools (p=0.001). Mean age, weight, height and body mass index was comparable between male and female children.

Out of 6264 subjects, we got 691 overweight and obese subjects who met inclusion and exclusion criteria. All parents were invited for the counseling, but 86 parents were not willing to come for counseling. Total 605 parents have been counseled. Out of 605 subjects, 510 subjects were excluded (145 parents were not interested after counseling, 76 parents were interested, but did not come for sleep study, 26 parents were interested but their family doctor did not support them, 85 subjects were not interested in continuing study, 95 subjects were not willing to do overnight sleep study, 55 subjects did not come due to their examination or some other activity in the schools, 15 subjects were located in other cities and 13 subjects were suffering some viral infection).

Location: North India

Date: 2014-2016

Submitted by: Dr Surya Prakash

Short Bio:
Presently I am working as a Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Pediatrics and Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorders (PMSD) at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India. My research interest are focused on obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, muscle mass, vitamin D deficiency and non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

I have completed my Post Doctoral Training in Biochemistry and Genetics of Obesity, Sleep Apnea, NAFLD and Vitamin D deficiency from Department of PMSD, AIIMS, New Delhi and PhD in Clinical Health (Biotechnology and genetics) from AIIMS, Jamia Hamdard and Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology (CSIR), New Delhi, provided additional training in Molecular Epidemiology, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. In addition, during this period, I have established Sleep Laboratory, Molecular and Biochemistry laboratories and standardized all techniques used in modern day research.

My academic dedication can be judged from my publications as I have already published 28 papers and more than 30 abstracts in international and national journals with good impact factors. Few more publications from my work are in pipeline. For the first time in India, papers authoried by me have clarified new index for prediction of fatty liver (Indian Fatty Liver Index), novel gene (Myostatin) for muscle mass and body fat, vitamin D deficiency in obesity and fatty liver, and multiple genes (PPAR Gamma, PNPLA-3 and SREBP-2) for fatty liver in Asian Indians. Also i have presented my research work in different international (USA, Germany, Spain, Bangkok, Srilanka and Nepal) and national conferences. Further, I am dealing more than 7 research projects as a co principal investigator. I got Young Scientist Project award from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India as a Principal Investigator in July, 2014; Young Investigator award from 6th World Congress on Sleep Medicine in Seoul, Korea in 2015; Best Paper award from Int. Conf. on Gastro. Hepato. and Nutrition, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013 and individual fellowship award from Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India, New Deli, India in 2006.

Another contributions of my work is conducting a large-scale intensive Health Education Awareness Programs and Medical Camps among children, parents and public on the health impact of obesity, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and air pollution across 100 schools/colleges and more than 100 residential associations in urban and rural areas, Delhi and NCR, India. The Health Education Awareness Programs has been given through lectures, workshops, group discussions, leaflets/booklets and audio video media.

My long-term goal is to become an independent team leader in the medical research field. I believe that my research experience would help me to get the opportunity to work with you. Further i believe my skills and experience is a very good match for the person specification. You’re looking for someone with a significant amount of high-level experience in this area. The role demands an individual who is adept at managing and leading a large team; I’m currently responsible for 20 research staff. Successfully work and hard working is to the needs in the research is essential to my current role and certainly an aspect that I very much enjoyed.

Best Regards,

Dr. Surya P. Bhatt
Principal Research Scientist
Department of Pediatrics and PMSD
AIIMS, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, India