India 2017: Dr. Sourav Das

Delegate: Dr. Sourav Das

Affiliations: Somnos Sleep Clinic, Kolkata, Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata, Iris Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata


1. Corporate awareness program- A 1 hour public awareness campaign was conducted at Damodar Valley Corporation Headquarters, Kolkata attended by close to 50 participants. Talks are ongoing with Hindustan Unilever Ltd., ONGC and Tata Steel.

2. Clinician Awareness program-
• One CME was conducted at Peerless Inn, Kolkata, for primarily Psychiatrists and also some Neurologists, Neurosugeons, and Pulmonologists, attended by around 20-25 clinicians;
• another multidisciplinary Medical CME was conducted at Iris Multispeciality Hospital on World Sleep Day which was attended by around 35-40 clinicians from varying backgrounds.

3. Public Awareness Program-
• Press conference was given on the day of World Sleep Day, 17 March 2017 and press release distributed among the media, attended by around 35 media persons including Doordarshan, Kolkata.
• Talk show on importance of sleep was recorded and aired on Etv Bangla on the same date:

• A prime time program on various sleep disorders including direct interviews of various patients suffering and under treatment of various sleep disorders is underway by ABP ananda news channel, followed by interview, going to be aired very soon.
• An interview on common sleep disorders is planned and pending with Doordarshan, Kolkata.

Watch video of program 1

Watch video of Program 2

Watch video of Program 3

Location: Kolkata, India

Date: March 2017

Submitted by: Dr. Sourav Das

Short Bio:  Dr. Sourav Das, MBBS, MD (Psych), DNB (NBE), IBSM (WSF). Consultant, Somnos Sleep Clinic, Kolkata, Visiting Consultant, Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata, Visiting Consultant, Iris Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata.