India 2016: Manvir Bhatia – India Habitat Centre

Delegate: Dr.Manvir Bhatia

Affiliations: Neurology and Sleep Centre Delhi

Dr.Manvir Bhatia, Director, Neurology Sleep Centre conducted a sleep apnoea
support group meeting on 20 March,2016 in India Habitat Centre,Delhi. This was
attended by 40 patients.

The program included 2 lectures followed by patient’s sharing their success stories.
1.Dr.Manvir Bhatia-discussed importance of sleep , varieties of sleep disorders, need to treat sleep disorders, the harmful effects of untreated obstructive sleep apnoea , evaluation of sleep disorders, recent advances of cpap-bipap machines and masks for treatment and how to improve sleep .
2.Dr.Tarmeen-discussed the need low-kilocalorie, low-fat diet. To add physical activities, to frequently weigh -weekly or even daily, a fixed time for food intake daily and to eat about four to five times per day-means to add small portions and avoid heavy meals ,to necessitate self-control, self-discipline and moderate lifestyle choices was stressed.

This was followed by Questions & Answer session with experts.

The feedbacks were very motivating and patients requested to keep these sessions in future.
To encourage and increase participation, prizes were announced for CPAP users and those who had lost more than 10 kgs of weight.

Session was concluded with announcement of next world sleep day in March 2017 for patients with sleep disorders- Sleep apnoea,Insomnia,Restless Leg syndrome,Parasomnia and Sleep disorders in children .

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Location: India Habitat Centre,Delhi,India

Date: 20 march,2016




Submitted by: Dr.Manvir Bhatia
Short Bio:
Dr. Manvir Bhatia
MD ( Medicine), DM Neurology (AIIMS)
Dr. MANVIR BHATIA is a Senior Neurologist, Electro physiologist and Sleep Specialist. She is a Director and Senior Consultant Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Saket City Hospital and Neurology &Sleep Centre, New Delhi. She is a co-director of the Ace School of Sleep Medicine for training physicians and paramedicals in field of sleep medicine.