India 2016: Dr. Ravi Gupta

The following activities were done/ are ongoing this year having the name of for the World Sleep Day 2016.

  1. We organized an essay competition for the School Students and Medical/Nursing students. 8 school students and 39 Medical/ Nursing undergraduates participated in the activity. Topic for the school students was “Good sleep is the key to good health” and for others was “effect of sleep disorders on health”.

The essays were sent to Indian Society for Sleep Research where a panel adjudged them and they were distributed.

Since many schools found it tough to participate because of the examinations, we are planning to hold it again in month of September, 2016.

  1. Along with a Hindi newspaper, we have started a campaign to improve the awareness regarding Sleep Disorders.
  2. Next month we are planning to hold one seminar in State transport authority on “Drowsy Driving”. We will also screen the drivers and they will be provided with medical help at discounted price. Newspaper will publish a series of articles to improve the awareness reagrding Sleep Disorders this year.
  3. Continuing with this, we are planning to hold similar seminars in various schools where teachers, parents and students will be made aware regarding Sleep Disorders and their impact on health.

Submitted by:

Ravi Gupta MD,PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Psychiatry & Sleep Clinic,
Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences