India 2016: Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar

Delegate: Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar

Affiliations: Psychiatrist and Director, Augmenta Health Private Limited

Developed a Sleep Hygiene video and was shared on relevant social media platform. Link for the sleep hygiene video is

Location: Bangalore, India

Date: 18 March 2016



Submitted by: Dr Sharmitha Krishnamurthy, Head, Pubhlic Health Division, Augmenta Health Private Limited
Short Bio:
Dr Mohan Sunil Kumar MBBS; DPM, received training in Psychiatry from NIMHANS,a premier institute for mental health in India. He is the Founder and Director of Augmenta Health (P) Ltd., a new age mental health company, dealing with various aspects of Mental Health in the frontiers of clinical, preventive and promotional Mental Health.