India 2015: World Sleep Day Celebration by Sparsh Chest Disease Center

World Sleep Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm by Sparsh Chest Disease Center at multiple places around the city. The first place was AHMEDABAD INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE (AIMS) where lecture was given by renowned Dr. Gopal Raval & Dr Tushar Patel who has special interest in Sleep Medicine. His was supported by Dr. Krutika & Dr. Hiral. The programme started sharp at 9 A.M. in the morning. Whole program was centered over sleep hygiene and heath, whole discussion was based on “When Sleep is sound, Health & Happiness Abound” a slogan of the day and brief introduction of WASM & importance of sleep day celebration. There were around 150 students in the auditorium. Dr. Krutika Kapadiya delivered talk over diet and yoga pertaining to weight reduction indirectly helpful to treat OSA.

Next 3 programmes were in the afternoon session around the city. Dr. Amrish Patel & Dr. Tushar Patel took opportunity to deliver lecture at S.B.B. College of Physiotherapy, a part of well known V.S. Hospital situated in centre of Ahmadabad. There were around 230 students in the lecture. They were really surprised listening to outcomes of this less known illness. Many students came uo with different questions.

Other 2 simulataneous lectures from 3-4 P.M. were at Ahmedabad Physiotherapy & Homoeopathy College by Dr. Varun Patel & Dr. Janki Shah with around 120 students and other at JG College of Physiotherapy by Dr. Brijesh & Dr. Nisarg with around 60 students.
Dr. Varun Patel, Consultant sleep specialist talked about normal sleep pattern; its importance in restoration of memory, body cell and strength. The discussion also included modern sleep deprived society, our bad habits, cost of restless sleep over individual health, culture, society, economy and the universe. Types of sleep disorder breathings starting from simple snoring to hypoventilation syndrome were included in discussion and people were participated extra enthusiastically. Diagnosis of sleep disorder including simply by history taking, reference of bed partner and daytime sleepiness questionnaires were explain. Surprisingly people come out with many questions and queries about their sleeping habit. Dr. Janki Shah took opportunity for providing awareness of basic life support so people can save their near and dear’s life till advance facility available to the victim.
The theme of celebration was “When Sleep is Sound, Health & Happiness Abound” as decided by WASM. Dr. Brijesh nicely explained about obstructive sleep apnea and its risk factors. Small and importance tips to tackle sleep related breathing disorder. The lecture was eye opener for the lay man regarding myths and reality of sleep and sleep hygiene.

We also arranged lecture at Bhavnagar City, one of the famous cities of Gujarat. Lectures were at Sterling hospital & Sahjanand Institute of Nursing. The average crowd at both the places was around 60. The programme was in association with Lions Club of Bhavnagar & State Bank of India, a topmost Banking Chain in India.

Over all we got satisfactory feedback from the audience; and satisfy to be part of WASM in celebrating a day and pass the message to the society; 1st step of its kind.


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