Hungary 2024: Ágnes Horváth, sleep coach |

Delegate: Ágnes Horváth, sleep coach


Short Bio: As a sleep coach I run CBT-I courses for people with chronic insomnia with 10 year experience.

I am a certified mindfulness teacher since 2016. (I became a certified professional at Oxford Mindfulness Centre, University Oxford).
I run MBCT courses (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) on a regular basis for people suffering from depression, chronic work or life related stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Activity: I recorded a 50-minutes sleep-awareness video including common sleep disorders and treatment in Hungary.

I have invited a somnologist-pulmonologist doctor and a sleep-webshop owner for a Zoom – conversation about sleep apnea, insomnia and sleep measuring at home.

Location: Hungary, Budapest

Date of Activity: 2024.02.27.

Submitted by: Ágnes Horváth