Hungary 2021: György G. Németh

Delegate: G. Németh György

Affiliations: Hungarian Sleep Association

Short Bio: president, Hungarian Sleep Association; director, Budapest Sleep Centrum, dorector, World Sleep Day Hungary Office (2009), international Coordinator, East-Europa. Distinguished Activity Award 2012 / World Association of Sleep Medicine. The Hungarian Sleep Book/editor: G. Németh György


World Sleep Day 2021 Hungary

The World Sleep Society and an associated international organization, the World Association of Sleep Medicine, announced the new World Sleep Day for 2021. It is held on the Friday preceding the vernal equinox every year for more than ten years in Hungary – at the request of the domestic partner of the World Association, the Hungarian Sleep Association -, which falls on March 18 in 2021.

The pandemic has significantly changed the way people live, including our sleeping habits, worldwide. Our sleeps worsened, the consequences of which affect our daily life and activities. Hungary is celebrating the World Seep Day event by organizing an international sleep conference. The Budapest meeting will focus on the effects and consequences of the pandemic, present the latest Hungarian research on the quality of sleep of Hungarians, look closely at the sleep condition of children and young people, present new healthcare programs, discuss the coming Daylight Saving Time Change, and finally concentrate on desired improvement of sleep quality.

In addition to prestigious Hungarian experts, the conference will also share experiences from America, Canada, Sweden, Belgium and France. For the first time, the Hungarian Sleep Association’s Sleep-friendly Product Certification Award will be given at the conference to recognize equipment that directly promotes sleep in an exemplary way.

The International Sleep Conference to be held in Budapest on the occasion of the World Sleep Day will be organized on March 18, 2021. The online event can be followed in live streaming on Facebook and the recorded version will also be available on the website of the Hungarian Sleep Association. We thank the World Sleep Society for its excellent professional contribution that permitted to everyone to improve sleep as well as in Hungary.

The professional sponsors of our Hungarian events are Zepter Ungarn, Pharma Nord, GemilPharma/Nottevit, Matrackuckó, JYSK, Elektro/Oxigén.




Submitted by: G. NÉMETH György, President