Hungary 2020: György G. Németh

Delegate: G. Németh György

Affiliations: Hungarian Sleep Association

Short Bio: president, Hungarian Sleep Association; director, Budapest Sleep Centrum, dorector, World Sleep Day Hungary Office (2009), international Coordinator, East-Europa. Distinguished Activity Award 2012 / World Association of Sleep Medicine. The Hungarian Sleep Book/editor: G. Németh György

Due to the national holiday of 15th March, the World Sleep Day event was held on 12th March in Hungary, organised at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by the Hungarian Sleep Association in partnership with the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Society. The event was opened by Secretary of State for Health dr. Ildikó Horváth and the President of the Hungarian Sleep Association György G. Németh. As part of the event, the Hungarian Sleep Book was published, the launch of the Hungarian sleeping therapist training was announced and the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award 2019 prizes were handed out.

Notice – 13 March 2020
The international sleep conference organised by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to announce World Sleep Day (13 March) and the Year of Sleep was postponed on 12 March due to the virus situation we are all aware of. World Sleep Day raises awareness of the importance of sleep from the aspect of quality of life. On this day, doctors, researchers, healers and civil organisations work together across 65 countries to show people how sleepiness and sleep deprivation is increasingly becoming an epidemic and that we must pay much more attention to their treatment and prevention.
The event organised by the Hungarian Sleep Association in partnership with the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Society is aiming to bring together everyone who appreciates the importance of a good sleep. And based on the cautionary preliminary results of the Hungarian sleep map investigation started this year, it is certainly needed. According to the joint research of Szinapszis Ltd. and the Hungarian Sleep Association, almost half of the adult population doesn’t sleep well, sleep disorders are relatively common. Only four per cent of respondents said that their sleep has been continuously flawless for years.
World Sleep Day is held in over 65 countries at this time of the year, the motto of which is: Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet. This year’s message emphasizes the prominent role of sleep in staying healthy every day, and in taking care of our personal, direct as well as global environment. Healthy sleep can improve our quality of life; it has become as prominent a factor by now as nutrition or exercise. Our world is facing colossal challenges, and we need wisdom and carefully made decisions to conquer them, and to maintain and strengthen our health with quality sleep. We cannot take care of our world if we don’t take care of ourselves—and that starts with sleep.

World Sleep Day is an informational forum on sleep that has the greatest publicity among similar events. It aids, supports and coordinates the activities of everyone to whom sleeping matters. Its Hungarian partner organisation contributes to the global activities, for which it received a recognition of excellence, and was asked to take over the regional coordination of operations in Central and Eastern Europe. In Hungary—we have joined the international event over ten years ago—, it has been organised by the Hungarian Sleep Association in recent years. Hungarian sleep therapists are few but internationally renown. Raising awareness of the topic is critical, and the Sleep Association has a crucial role in it. New sleep quality tests were created upon their initiative, they support the prevention of traffic accidents involving falling asleep, they have proposals for the modification of morning school schedules and the improvement of the sleep quality of people working in multiple shifts among other things. They compiled the first Hungarian Sleep Book, they have recommendations for new occupational medicine check-ups, and they started training sleep professionals.

The Hungarian Sleep Association stresses that we shouldn’t only think of sleep in case of sickness or unpleasant symptoms—we should always pay attention to our quality sleep as well as other’s, and let this vital function serve healthy living in order to support our health with good, restful sleep.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day, the Hungarian Sleep Association has announced the Year of Sleep in Hungary, which will last until 31 December. They welcome anyone to join them for whom sleep is important. At the same time, they announced the Sleepfriendly Workplace award for Hungarian companies, institutions and enterprises, the company health strategy of which puts emphasis on stress-free work, and which facilitate the sleep-healthy lifestyle of their employees. And their Sleepfriendly Product Certification programme aims to certify sleep-enhancing and sleep-improving products available in Hungary that help people have relaxed, restful sleep. Applications are evaluated by an expert jury, and the results will be announced at the sleep conference of World Sleep Day 2021.
Building on social openness, this non-governmental organisation set the strengthening of Hungarian sleep culture as its goal, and took upon itself to unite everyone who is able and willing to help people achieve better health and the strengthening of sleep culture through their work and life. More and more join their programme announced this year, the first Year of Sleep in Hungary. Among companies whose activities involve sleep, those who have been leading by their excellent example for years in this area. The very first few to become their professional partners: Cardo, Pharma Nord, Kaschmir Gold and Matrackuckó. Professional partners: Dormeo, Beurer, Pharmaroad Distribution, Zepter, Elektro/ Oxigén, Kaqun and Linde.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day 2020, Excellence Awards were handed out. Undersecretary of Human Resources of the Ministry of Interior András Zsinka was awarded a recognition of excellence for strengthening sleep culture in Hungary and the successful nationwide realization of sleep trainings. For the exemplary development of sleeping conditions in the hotel industry and laying the foundations of sleep-conscious guest satisfaction, Sleepfriendly Hotel Awards 2020 were granted to: Parisi Udvar Hotel Budapest, Donautica Restaurant & Hotel, and Ritz Carlton Dallas.

The above announcements were made by the leaders and experts of the association at the time of the postponed conference, in the form of a live stream broadcast from the clinic of the Hungarian Sleep Association/Budapest Sleep Center on their Facebook page called Alvásgyógyítás (Sleep Medicine). A recording of the hour-long broadcast is available at The extraordinary informational professional talk was attended by: György G. Németh, President, dr. Zsuzsanna Vida, Technical Co-president, Gergely Vada, Vice President, Attila Kovács, Board Member, Éva Bartucz,Director of the Academy of Decision-makers, training expert at the Association, dr. Richard Kiss-Róbert, International Director of the Sleepfriendly Hotel Certification Committee.

The Hungarian Sleep Association would like to hereby thank everyone who deems sleep important, and is able and willing to make a difference in order to help others sleep better.

12 March 2020 Budapest

World Sleep Day Hungary
Year of Sleep in Hungary 2020
Hungarian Sleep Association
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Date of Activity: 12. 03. 2020

Submitted By: G. Németh György