Hungary 2019: György G. Németh

Delegate: György G. Németh

Affiliations: Hungary/Budapest , Hungarian Sleep Association

Short Bio: director, World Sleep Day 2019. Hungary Program; Sleepfriendly Hotel International Program, director: Budapest Sleep Center




Hungary’s world sleep day event will be hosted in Budapest on 12 March 2019, on account of the national holiday (15 March). In line with the international programme of the World Association of Sleep Medicine/World Sleep Society’s World Sleep Day, doctors, researchers, healers, health care and civil organisations will work together under the organisational umbrella of the Hungarian Sleep Association, founded last year, to show people how sleepiness and sleep deprivation is increasingly becoming an epidemic; we must pay much more attention to their treatment and prevention. The latest publication of the Hungarian Sleep Association will also be presented on the World Sleep Day – the Hungarian Sleep Book, a collaboration of prominent authors, offers practical advice. The association will announce the launch of the new sleep therapy higher education training programme, which will strengthen sleep culture in Hungarian by adding more qualified experts. The event will also host the award ceremony for the Sleepfriendly Hotel certifications. Dr. Ildikó Horváth, state secretary of medicine will give the event’s opening speech.

Professional partners: The Comprehensive Health Screening Program of Hungary, Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of West Hungary Healthcare Spokesperson and Communications Consultant, Hungarian Respiratory Society, Hungarian Society of Hypertension, Hungarian Dental Association, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungarian Psychiatric Association, Hungarian Orthopaedic Association, Hungarian Dietetic Association, Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity, Hungarian Society of Sport Sciences, Hungarian Association of Policlinical and Outpatient Health Services, Global Innovation, Fusion Vital, Elektro-Oxigén/Resmed, Pulmonary Institute/Törökbálint, Budapest Sleep Center, Academy of Leadership Training, Academy of Decision-makers, Hungarian Hotel Association.

Media partners: Galenus Publishing House, Patika Magazin pharma magazine, Studium & Practicum magazine, Gyógyszertári Practicum magazine, Gyógyszerészi Hírlap magazine, Orvosi Hírek magazine/New Medical Hungary, RAS, LÁM, Ideggyógyászati Szemle (Clinical Neuroscience) magazine, Hypertonia és Nephrológia (Hypertension and Nephrology) magazine, Ringier Axel Springer,, Mindennapi Pszichológia psychology magazine, Tudomány Publishing House, WebBeteg, dr. Portal,,,,

HUNGARIAN SLEEP BOOK – a new publication for good sleep
The Hungarian Sleep Association, a new organisation involving the internationally renowned experts of Hungarian sleep medicine, wishes to boost global trends with its new publication, the Hungarian Sleep Book: as the world’s population is facing declining sleep trends, reversing these processes is a matter of international intervention. It is a daily responsibility of doctors, healers, patients and healthy individuals alike to set forth the new directions of sleep sciences and be able to utilise their findings as quickly as possible. We support every endeavour that brings us closer to understanding the effects of fundamental physiological processes such as light, oxygen and wateron our sleep and our everyday life. We continue to gain more awareness of the fact that sleep disorders, while they may cause countless problems, are in fact systemic disorders that can have multiple adverse consequences – they may disrupt our daily rhythm, the harmony of our body and soul, and weaken our health. How can we change bad sleep habits, and what can we do to facilitate better sleep for ourselves and the people we share our sleep with? You can find out in the new Hungarian medical educational book on sleep.

To be published on the World Sleep Day of 2019. Editor-in-chief: György G. Németh, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association; published by: Galenus. Information: Contents: HUNGARIAN BOOK OF SLEEP – CONTENTS  HUNGARIAN SLEEP BOOK – a new publication for good sleep  WORLD SLEEP DAY IN HUNGARY HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES

Additional Materials: Alváskönyv brosúra 1.0  WSD 2019. plakát  G. Németh Gy. portré  Alváskönyv 2019. roll-up

Best regards,

G. NÉMETH György
honorary Associate Professor
President of the Hungarian Sleep Association

Location: Budaapest

Date of Activity: 12. 03. 2019

Submitted By: György G. Németh