Hungary 2012: Hungarian Sleep Society

The Hungarian Sleep Society plans to organize a press conference on March 19th in Hungary to draw attention to sleeping disorders and their affect to the society. We also like to provide a press release to the journalists and the general public.


Sleep Friendly Hotel Program launched in Hungary A special hotel
program was launched in Hungary on March 13 (also referred to as World
Sleep Day). The program is part of the international SLEEPWORLD project
which aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through
better prevention and management of sleep disorders.
Source: press release Best of Budapest online | March 19, 2012

According to researches Hungarian people sleep much worse than the
European average. The reasons are mostly medical and partly social.
Those who attended the press conference held on March 13 (World Sleep
Day), were able to find out more and get a deep insight of this issue
by listening to presentations such as ˜The entity of sleeping- from
birth to death, ˜Sleeping of Hungarian nation – the review of the
newest research, ˜From the respiratory tacts to public roads-
accidents generated by falling asleep,  and  ˜New methods of Sleep
Healing.’ Presenters included Prof. László Halmy, dr Zsolt
Félegyházi, dr Éva Hermánné Fogarassy, dr László Rendi, dr.
Ilona Horváth, dr. Edit Sándor, dr János Tóth, dr.
Róbert Richárd Kiss, dr. Ákos Niklai, Ildikó Urbán-Frendl and
Katalin Kiss.

Announcing the Sleep Friendly Hotel Program was a highlight of the
event. Also during the conference, the New York based World Association
of Sleep Medicine Foundation, one of the biggest medical organizations
dealing with the matter of sleeping, awarded a Silver Partnership to
the Hungarian Benyovszy Medical Center. The event was organized by the
Benyovszky Medical Center along with, in partnership with
the World Association of Sleep Medicine Foundation New York. György G.
Németh director, Hungarian Benyovszky Medical Center,editor in chief: