Hong Kong 2020: Aerin Mok / German Swiss International School

Delegate: Aerin Mok

Affiliations: German Swiss International School

Short Bio: My name is Aerin Mok, and I am a junior at German Swiss International School in Hong Kong currently studying for the IB Diploma. I am passionate about psychology and mental health, and wish to contribute to the destigmatisation of related issues by pursuing these subjects in my further studies and career. Currently, as the founder of my school’s Psychology club, I am in charge of planning weekly sessions in which I choose discussion topics and design related activities, utilising research skills to ensure that my participants have the chance to engage with interesting and thought-provoking ideas from the field of psychology. Building on what I accomplished with the Psychology Club, I have also interned at Mind HK (a non-profit organisation aiming to destigmatise mental health issues in Hong Kong), where I was able to develop content for Mind HK’s upcoming website for youth mental health.

Activity: The overall focus of this Project is addressing the issue of inadequate sleep, and persuading students in GSIS to follow a set of guidelines and targets in order to get a good night’s sleep (in terms of quantity and quality) on World Sleep Day. Although the highlight of the entire project would only last for one night, I think it would help to extol the benefits of getting enough sleep regularly. During the build up to “GSIS Sleep Day”, I would also like to spread awareness about it, bringing people’s attention to it by putting up posters about it throughout the school, as well as disseminating relevant information through school media.

Location: Hong Kong

Date of Activity: 13th March, 2020

Submitted By: Aerin Mok