Hong Kong 2018: Clive Wong

Delegate: Clive Wong

Affiliations: Bedroom Japan, Focus Health Studio, World Sleep Day Regional Coordinator and Delegate

Short Bio: Pillow-Fit Co-Founder, Registered Physiotherapist

Activity: To celebrate World Sleep Day 2018, Mr. Clive Wong is invited to participate in a radio program of RTHK Mandarin channel. He shared tips for improving the sleep quality, the importance of good sleep posture and a few interesting cases from his clinical experience. The recorded interview is broadcast for 2 episodes due to its extensive content.
After the radio interview, Mr. Wong is invited to film a video interview from the same channel. In this short video, he explained the optimal sleep postures with proper uses of pillow. The video is edited with simple and clear visualization for better understanding of the audiences. This video interview is listed on RTHK Mine App.

Location: Hong Kong

Date of Activity: 12 March 2018

Submitted By: Clive Wong