Hong Kong 2016: “World Sleep Day 2016 Health Fair”

‘World Sleep Day 2016 Health Fair’ event was held in Hong Kong. The activities included a series of public lectures, free professional health assessment and free professional consultations.

Popular Hong Kong singer KC Lee who is also a hypnotherapist is invited to deliver a speech in the topic of improving insomnia. Locally famous Physiotherapist Clive Wong and Dietitian John Wong delivered speeches on sleep posture and diet advices for sleeping respectively.

After the seminars, participants are free to join various activities including sleep posture screen, customized pillows fitting and other health check. Professional consultation is also provided for the participants.

The event was held in a club for teachers.

The event will be reported by a local psychology magazine later. The picture of the media exposure will be uploaded later.


kc-seminara john-wong-seminara opening-speecha


Location: Hong Kong

Submitted by: Clive Wong