Guatemala 2024: Delegate: Dr. Fernando Ceballos. | Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine.

Delegate: Delegate: Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

Affiliation: Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine.

Short Bio: • Physician and Surgeon.
• Master in Pediatrics.
• Master in Neurology.
• Master in Sleep Medicine.
• Honorary Professor “Sleep Medicine Unit” of the Master’s program in Pediatric, San Carlos de Guatemala University.
• Vice-president of the Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine.
• Vice-president of the Guatemalan Chapter International League Against Epilepsy.
• Secretary of the Neurological Sciences Association of Guatemala 2016-2018.
• Reference Neurologist Polysomnography Laboratory “Sueño Center”.
• Sleep Medicine Clinic Neurologist, Hospital General San Juan de Dios, National Reference Center 2017.
• Community natural disaster rescuer and collaborator in post-traumatic stress management using quality sleep induction techniques.
• Medical researcher.
• Private medical office, with practice mostly in sleep disorders.
• Social communicator.
• Delegate for Guatemala of the Young Epilepsy Section – International League Against Epilepsy.
• Delegate for Guatemala of the “World Sleep Day” since 2018.
• 2021 Winner of Distinguished Activity Awards.
• 2022 Honorable Mention.
• Main author and editor of the book “Interface neuropathology and sleep disorders” ISBN 978-607-9274-78-8.
• Medical director of “Insomnia research and treatment clinic in Guatemala”.

Activity: Activity: This year, an extraordinary and strategic effort was made (using artistic excellence, authentic awareness activities and wide-ranging communication tools) to promote WSD 2024 in order to be equitable with different vulnerable sectors of the country such as the illiterate, the deaf, the blind, children, women, indigenous people and the elderly; without neglecting the rest of the population, including the highest level academic sectors. A global reach was achieved for the Guatemalan territory, seeking to be consistent with our slogan “Sleep Equity for Global Health”. There was valuable collaboration from the following people and institutions without any sponsor:
• Dra. Junny Recinos.
• Video editor, Bsc. Rubén Castillo.
• Distinguished Committee for the Blind and Deaf of Guatemala.
• Academy of Mayan Languages of Guatemala.
• “Hellen Lossi de Laugerud” National Hospital of Cobán, Alta Verapaz (north of Guatemala).
• Sololá Departmental Hospital (west of Guatemala).
• “Carlos Arana Osorio” Hospital (east of Guatemala).
• Escuintla Regional Hospital (south of Guatemala).
• “San Juan de Dios” General Hospital, Guatemala city (central metropolis).
• “Dr. Rodolfo Robles Valverde” Eye and Ear Hospital.
• Sophos Bookstore.
• Textile crafts “Don Tin”.
• Insomnia research and treatment clinic in Guatemala.

 The “SLEEP TOUR” was carried out with the in-person visit of Delegate Dr. Fernando Ceballos to the four cardinal points (north, west, east and south of the entire republic) as well as the central area of the country. The five in-person activities required an extraordinary effort of travel and logistics since they were carried out in congruence with our principles that we promote “natural light and ventilation”; all concluding before midday and in all of them emphasis was placed on “Sleep Equity for Global Health”. In addition, the agenda was enriched with the following conferences:

North -“Hellen Lossi de Laugerud” National Hospital of Cobán: “Interface between sleep disorders and neuromuscular disorders”, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.
West – Sololá Departmental Hospital: “Updates in the diagnosis and treatment of Insomnia”, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.
East – “Carlos Arana Osorio” Hospital: “Updates in the diagnosis and treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome and insomnia”, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.
South – Escuintla Regional Hospital: “Interface between disorders sleep and epilepsy”, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.
Center – “San Juan de Dios” General Hospital: “Updates in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood narcolepsy”, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

 As part of raising awareness about how physical activity affects good quality sleep, an ascent to the Pacaya volcano was carried out through hiking with a route of 8 km.

 Faithful to the idea that art allows the awareness of a scientific message through contemplation, the “WSD 2024 Pillowcases” were made; the production required a couple of months since they were made with a foot loom and hand-woven with Mesoamerican cotton that has thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties, reviving an almost extinct tradition. They were made by the only artisan alive in the country who knows the artistic technique. This activity reflects the commitment to the rescue of cultural identity and adds to the artistic trajectory of past editions of World Sleep Day where it was presented.

• 2019
Paint: “Dream and the Mayans”, it was made as result of a call to the School of Visual Arts of the San Carlos of Guatemala University with the theme: “Sleeping with Guatemalan Identity.”
Music: Commemorative song “Dormir bien” (“Sleep Well”) that compiles 12 previous WSD slogans, performed by soprano Susy Figueroa (English language).
• 2020
Music: Educational song “Que los peques duerman bien” (“That the little ones sleep well”) about the 10 commandments of children’s sleep hygiene, performed by the Guatemalan soprano and music therapist Susy Figueroa (Spanish language).
Photography: Artistic exhibition of photos in sleeping position wearing cycling clothing with a zebra design, by the SheCycles team, with the purpose of raising awareness of respect for animals for the slogan of that year “Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet”.
• 2021
Cuisine: Preparation of the dish “The Dream Tartare”, by Chef Diego Jarquín to raise awareness of healthy eating for the good quality of sleep.
• 2023
Precolonial Art: Archaeological-medical-artistic conversation “The sleep under the Mayan worldview”.

 Continuous reproduction for a month of the video “Importance of sleep and how to achieve restful sleep” on information screens of the largest and most important hospital in the country “Hospital General San Juan de Dios” to raise awareness among doctors, administrative staff and patients.

 In-person activity “Sleep Equity for Global Health” to raise awareness among deaf and blind patients at the “Rodolfo Robles Valverde” Hospital, mostly elderly, with delivery of the good sleep decalogue in Braille format to everyone present. This activity concluded before midday, taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

 The decalogue of good sleep was published on the social networks of the Mayan Language Academy of Guatemala and community radio stations in several Mayan languages in audible format, intended to raise awareness among indigenous people in their mother tongue. Available in:

 The book “Interface Neuropathology and Sleep Disorders” was published, courtesy edition, with the collaboration of 25 opinion-leading doctors from 11 countries (result of 4 years of work).

 Constant projection of commemorative messages to World Sleep Day 2024 and its slogan “Sleep Equity for Global Health” on 7 different dimension screens – one of them of 168 square meters (1808 square feet) – strategically located in places with high vehicular traffic.
 The virtual activity was carried out via zoom “Sleep Equity for Global Health” aimed at raising awareness among entrepreneurs and businessmen with an evening chronotype. Taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

 The discussion “Sleep: A pillar for well-being” was held at the Sophos Bookstore, using the room to its maximum capacity, with the aim of raising awareness among artists and the reading-loving public. Taught by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

 Free medical consultation was provided to patients suffering from sleep disorders in a private office, benefiting more than 15 patients with limited economic resources, by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

Location: Republic of Guatemala.

Date of Activity: All activities took place during the month of March, and first days of April.

Submitted by: Fernando Alberto Ceballos M.D. and M.Sc.