Guatemala 2023: Dr. Fernando Ceballos | Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine

Delegate: Dr. Fernando Ceballos

Affiliation: Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine

Short Bio: • Physician and Surgeon.
• Master in Pediatrics.
• Master in Pediatric Neurology.
• Master in Sleep Medicine.
• Honorary Professor “Sleep Medicine Unit” of the Master’s program in Pediatric, Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala.
• Vice-president of the Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine.
• Secretary of the Neurological Sciences Association of Guatemala. 2016-2018
• Reference Neurologist Polysomnography Laboratory “Sueño Center”
• Sleep Medicine Clinic Neurologist, Hospital General San Juan de Dios, National Reference Center 2017
• Community natural disaster rescuer and collaborator in post-traumatic stress management using quality sleep induction techniques.
• Medical Researcher.
• Private medical office, with practice mostly in “sleep disorders”
• Social communicator
• Delegate for Guatemala of the Young Epilepsy Section – International League Against Epilepsy
• Delegate for Guatemala of the “World Sleep Day” since 2018
• 2021 Winner of Distinguished Activity Awards
• 2022 Honorable Mentions

Activity: Activity: This year, strategic alliances were created for the promotion of WSD 2023, in order to be inclusive, to generate an effective impact through artistic and media tools, promoting preventive sleep medicine in the general population as well as increasing the scope in the medical community of different specialties with emphasis on the slogan “Sleep is Essential for Health” Our allies were:
• Junny Briana Recinos Hernandez M.D.
• San Juan de Dios General Hospital
• Master in Archeology: Erick Ponciano Alvarado
All activities were developed during March, most of them on March 17th.

• Medical-archaeological conversation, “Archaeological trace of sleeping in the Mayans”, exploration perform out in the jungle of the north of the country

• Press release on the official website of the Republic of Guatemalan Government, topic: “Sleep is essential for a good quality of life”
which was replicated on the social networks of the Ministry of Public Health, which is the highest health institution in the country.

• Constant projection of commemorative messages to World Sleep Day 2023 and its slogan “Sleep is Essential for Health” on 7 different dimension screens – one of them of 168 square meters (1808 square feet) – strategically located in places with high vehicular traffic.

• Projection of material related to “sleep is essential for health” throughout the month of March in the 9 elevators of the oldest and most important hospital in the country,
San Juan de Dios General Hospital and replicated and social networks, on world sleep day

• Publication in the most important newspaper in the country, Prensa Libre. Topic: “World Sleep Day: recommendations to enjoy a well sleep “, in print throughout the country.

• Participation in TV Show “Medical Researchers” with the theme: “Sleep is Essential for Health , and role of melatonin”, on Guatevisión Channel, with audience coverage throughout the country.

• Virtual conferences “Sleep is essential for health” on a zoom platform with the participation of 90 doctors from different specialties. Lectured by Dr. Fernando Ceballos.

• Puzzle assembly activity with several children in Santa Clara auditorium, to emphasize that: the memory is consolidated in sleep.

• Participation “Sleep well for a comprehensive development”, on Antigua Channel, with audience coverage throughout the country.

and reproduced on their social networks.

• Participation in Sonora Radio with the transmission of the theme: “Sleep is essential for health” during the world sleep day; this radio is the only one with national coverage in all the country, with more than 29 repeaters.

• Free medical consultation, benefiting 30 low-income patients suffering from sleep disorders.

• face-to-face activity with doctors theme: “Narcolepsy”, at Infasa Auditorium. Participants: 39 doctors.

Location: Republic of Guatemala

Date of Activity: All activities took place during the month of March, most of them on March 17, 2023.

Submitted by: Fernando Alberto Ceballos M.D. Ms. C.