Greece 2019: NJV Athens Plaza Hotel

Delegate: NJV Athens Plaza

Affiliations: COCOMAT

Short Bio:  Guest Relations @ CSR Manager NJV ATHENS PLAZA HOTEL

Activity: Science says that one third of our life is spent sleeping. A good and calm sleep, combats skin aging, promotes brain health and helps in weight loss because it develops metabolism and helps in the production of growth hormone and testosterone, which “melts” fat.
It also provides our body with enough time to detoxify, balance blood sugar levels and restore energy reserves.
Based on all this, we at NJV ATHENS PLAZA HOTEL, ensure every single day of the year, the conditions for a perfect rest:
• The “key” for all the secrets of a good and restful sleep is the comfortable and eco-friendly mattress.
• Eco-friendly cushions tailored to the needs of each visitor.
• Good night amenities: Every evening our guests will find on their pillow Greek candies from the Tinos island with nostalgic flavor with rose scent. Taste that brings memories with a perfume of Greece, for a dreamy and relaxing sleep.

Location: Athens, Greece

Date of Activity: All year

Submitted By: Rosa Maria Tsirigoti