Germany 2022: Anne Baumgart

Delegate: Anne Baumgart


Short Bio: Anne Baumgart, German Natural Health Practitioner and Coach specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has helped and supported people of all ages and backgrounds overcome pain, stress, sleep problems, exhaustion and many other modern health problems since 2015.

She is networking with colleagues from all over the world to help tackle the challenges posed on people’s health and quality of life since the start of the Covid pandemia – one of her focus points being Covid Somnia.

You can work with her in her private practice in Munich’s city center or online.

Activity: 5 scientifically proven TCM tipps for better and healthier sleep
(1,5 hour online course with room for questions)

Location: Online course

Date of Activity: 17th March 2022

Submitted by: Anne Baumgart