Georgia 2024: Irine Sakhelashvili; GAU Dandy Georgia Neurosurgical Club | Georgian American University; Medical school

Delegate: Irine Sakhelashvili; GAU Dandy Georgia Neurosurgical Club

Affiliation: Georgian American University; Medical school

Short Bio:

Activity: This year, the Georgian-American University’s Medical school joined the global initiative of World Sleep Day. On March 23, an engaging conference convened with the participation of students from the School of Medicine and members of the GAU Dandy Georgia Neurosurgical Club. During this event, students including Mehak Shaikh, Nino Dzadzamia, Sanya Singh, Alekhya Hari, Praniti Shetty, and Shruthi Vairavan passionately delved into topics such as the neurobiology of sleep and the adverse effects of sleep deprivation on health. Attendees were also acquainted with internationally recognized recommendations for fostering healthy sleep habits.

Continuing the momentum, on March 30, a rejuvenating session of yoga and meditation took place, led by Mansi Pillay, Pragati Pande, and Shakshi Choudhury, fostering relaxation and mindfulness among participants. Additionally, a dynamic public awareness campaign for World Sleep Day unfolded in the virtual sphere, leveraging innovative platforms to disseminate valuable information.

Location: Georgian American University, Tbilisi

Date of Activity: 23.03.2024 to 30.03.2024

Submitted by: Prof. Irine Sakhelashvili