Georgia 2019: Georgian Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society

Delegate: Georgian Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society

Short Bio: The Georgian Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society (GSSS) was founded in 2007 in Tbilisi, Georgia, as a nonprofit organization. Main purpose of the society is to raise Georgian public awareness of importance of sleep in general health and well-being and to inform the Georgian people about negative effects of poor sleep or sleep disorders. The GSSS held 1st GSSS-ESRS training Course on Sleep Disorders and initiated celebration of World Sleep Day in Tbilisi, took a part in Georgian Government Program ‘Child Care’ through the investigation of prevalence of sleep complaints among the children and have organized sleep related ‘Public Lectures’ for medical personnel and students. The GSSS has been integrated in the World Sleep Society Associate Society Members.

Activity: The GSSS organized celebration of 2019’s world sleep day in the Institute of Neurology and Neuropsychology (INN) through the following activities:
(1) a special banner with this year’s slogan has been done and located in the entrance hall of the INN,
(2) the leaflets with 10 commandments of sleep hygiene for children were prepared in Georgian language (under supervision of Sofia Kasradze) and distributed among the parents admitted to the INN with their children,
(3) the students of a Faculty of Medicine at Caucasus International University took a part in this event and attended the presentation related to the WSD history and this year’s theme of “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging” (submitted by Lia Maisuradze),
(4) a tv-spot with the International Sleep Day and the interview with Prof. Sofia Kasradze and Prof. Lia Maisuradze about the importance of WSD celebration in Georgia was broadcasted on the television First Georgian Medical Channel – ‘Pulsi TV’

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Date of Activity: 14-15 March, 2019

Submitted By: Sofia Kasradze and Lia Maisuradze