Georgia 2015: Lia Maisuradze

Ilia State University (as I am Sc.Dr/Prof in this University), She had a presentation called ‘Sleep and its significance for the well-being’ in New School – International School of Georgia among the 10, 11, 12 grade school-children to celebrate WSD 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia (for the first time in Georgian school).

The school-children were informed about good sleep habits and hygiene to keep normal sleep-wake schedule; They were active and I answered a lot of questions. At the end of my presentation and discussion they filled out special questionnaire for school children: Sleep Self Report (Child’s Form) (CSHQ, J.A.Owens) which she recently translated into Georgian.

WSD 2015, L. Maisuradze New School, Tbilisi (1)2015 WSD, L. Maisuradze, New School, Tbilisi (1)2015 WSD slogan in Georgian2015 WSD slogan in Georgian

Lia M. Maisuradze

March 13, 2015
Dr/Prof in Ilia State University Tbilisi, Georgia