France 2023: National French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance | INSV, SFRMS

Delegate: National French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Affiliation: INSV, SFRMS

Short Bio: French association founded in 2000 on the French Society for Research and Sleep Medicine’s initiative, National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV) gather people how are working in sleep and vigilance care. INSV get involved in order to obtain recognition of sleep as an essential factor of everyone’s health. Our mission is to give information and raise awareness of sleeping disorder, sleep hygiene and vigilance among the general public and promote it as an essential factor of health to public authority.

Activity: “Sleep beliefs, mental health and eco-anxiety”
On the occasion of the World Sleep Day, INSV wishes to help flush out beliefs, rumors or “fake news” around sleep.
Our goal is to deconstruct bad habits resulting from this misinformation around sleep duration, naps, drug treatments, technologies or even food. These beliefs play an important role in maintaining poor sleep hygiene and generate anxiety and emotional distress that negatively impacts mental health.
At the same time, rising temperatures are reducing sleep time globally, amplifying the risk of global sleep debt. Therefore we will also examine the links between eco-anxiety and sleep.
• National survey, barometer of French’s sleep in relation to their mental health (anxiety, depression, eco-anxiety).
• Free and open events digital or physically, organized by sleep centers and specialised structures in about 60 cities: open day, conferences with specialists, workshops, meetings with patient associations, exhibitions, prevention stands, etc.
• Digital communication campaign on our website : map of actions, information on sleep problems and interactive tools (quizzes, tests …) and our social network
• Prevention tools realised by INSV’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Location: France, all country

Date of Activity: 17 march 2023

Submitted by: INSV – National French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance