France 2020: National French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Delegate: National French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Affiliations: INSV, SFRMS

Short Bio: French association founded in 2000 on the French Society for Research and Sleep Medicine’s initiative, National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV) gather people how are working in sleep and vigilance care.
INSV get involved in order to obtain recognition of sleep as an essential factor of everyone’s health. Our mission is to give information and raise awareness of sleeping disorder, sleep hygiene and vigilance among the general public and promote it as an essential factor of health to public authority.

Activity: 20th Sleep Day – Theme: 20 years of sleep : assessment and possibility
This year specialists will focus on three main themes in relation to the quality of our sleep since 20 years and in our future lifestyles :
• Use of new technologies,
• Professional life and emotional balance and stress
• Children sleep
Main actions :
• National survey, barometer of the sleep in the French population and its lifestyles.
• Free and open events organized by sleep centers and specialised structures in about 60 cities: open day, conferences with specialists, workshops, meetings with patient associations, exhibitions, prevention stands, etc.
• Digital communication campaign on our website : map of actions, information on sleep problems and interactive tools (quizzes, tests …) and our social network
• With its Scientific Advisory Board, INSV realises information tools on the most common and specific issues.

Location: France, all country

Date of Activity: March 13, 2020

Submitted By: INSV