France 2020: Damien LEGER / Université de Paris, APHP Hôtel Dieu Paris France

Delegate: Damien LEGER

Affiliations: Université de Paris. APHP Hôtel Dieu Paris France

Short Bio: Damien LEGER
M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Paris and founder manager of the Hôtel-Dieu Sleep and Vigilance center in Paris, France, APHP, and co-director of the research team 7330 VIFASOM, Damien LEGER is a sleep specialist in Paris and internationally recognized sleep researcher, as the author of more than 170 international publications and 6 books. An expert with the World Health Organization, the European Community, the European Space Agency, the French Ministries of Health, Transport, the Environment, National Education and Defense, he is former President of the French Sleep Research and Médecine Society (SFRMS) an member of the American Academy of Sleep medicine (AASM).

Activity: ISleep the first sleep application on Apple Watch validated
By sleep specialists is launched worldwide this week just at time for the world sleep day.

iSleep Watch press comunicate for World Sleep Day


Date of Activity: 13-03-20

Submitted By: Damien Leger and Maxime Elbaz