France 2017: Rythm

Delegate: Camille Corman

Affiliations: Rythm

Activity: To celebrate World Sleep Day, Rythm went down the Paris streets to interview people and hear more about how they sleep.
The participants denied suffering from specific sleep problems but shared how their nights are either interrupted, are too short, and their troubles in falling asleep quickly.
With a pillow in their arm, they shared their difficulties to fall asleep or have a good quality of sleep. They also shared what they commit to do Friday for World Sleep Day.
From these interviews, Rythm created a short video, the first in series of a campaign that will focus on engaging with people about their sleep problems, raising awareness about the importance of sleep, and creating a sense of urgency about the importance of getting good sleep. You can follow the campaign with the #MySleepAndI on Facebook and Twitter.

These are a sample of questions we asked during the interviews:

Do you have sleeping problems and what are they? What stops you from sleeping well? The consequences of your sleep problems on your daily life?
Sleep solutions that you have tried? Sleep solutions planned but not yet implemented and why? Results?
World Sleep Day: World Sleep Day is Friday, what would you like to do that special day?

Location: Paris

Date: March 13th-March 17th

Submitted by: Camille Corman

Short Bio: Rythm is a neurotechnology company that was created with a vision that advanced technology and latest in neuroscience can help us push the boundaries in how we understand our brain to improve and act on our everyday performance, deliver better health, and enhance our quality of life. The company’s first product, Dreem is applying years of sleep research and is merging it with advanced technology to create a sleep solution that syncs with your unique brain activity and improves the overall quality of your sleep. The consumer version of the Dreem headband will be launched in the summer of 2017. Based in Paris and San Francisco, Rythm has over 65 full-time team members, who are working in close collaboration with prestigious research institutes and hospitals across Europe and North America. For more information on Dreem, visit