Estonia 2021: Elina Kivinukk, psychologist of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Delegate: Elina Kivinukk

Affiliations: Psychologist of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Activity: Sleep wellness week at the Estonian Universities – collaborative initiative by the psychologists working at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tartu University and TTK University of Applied Sciences. The main objective is to promote sleep hygiene tips amongst the students and staff. The following activities are planned: concrete tips for keeping regular sleep and high sleep hygiene will be shared via web-site, Instagram and Facebook. Several articles will be published and online-seminars will be held provided by the psychologists. Bedtime stories will be read in the evenings via Instagram Live Video. Additional information and suggestions (mainly in Estonian) is found at Self-evaluation test for the students is available (via application) at

Location: Estonia

Date of Activity: March 15-21

Submitted By: Elina Kivinukk