El Salvador 2023 | Elena Maricela Majano MD

Delegate: Elena Maricela Majano MD

Affiliation: Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurology Medicine Private Center

Short Bio: Dr. Elena Majano / Medical Director of BERNES MEDICAL / Internal Medicine, Neurology & Sleep Medicine Specialist.

Studies: Inselspital – Universitätsspital Bern, Switzerland and Neurosciences Institute, Favaloro Foundation, Somnos Private Sleep Medicine Institute and “Dr. Alfredo Thomson” Neurology Center attached to former French Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Majano currently directs the first private practice dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in El Salvador.

Since 2012: Delegate for El Salvador

2015: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees

2017: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees

2018: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees

2019-2020-2021: WSD Honorable Mentions

Since 2016: World Sleep Day® Committee member

Since 2016: Regional Coordinator/ Central America, Caribbean

Our mission at Bernes Medical Sleep Center is to promote Good Sleep and raise awareness about the importance of sleep in life, for people of all ages, emphasizing the benefits of good sleep practices and warning about the risks that sleep disorders bring to people’s lives. Although we are a private sleep medicine center, we carry out continuous medical education on the subject of sleep in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Goal: 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep are possible, and El Salvador has sleep specialists, diagnostic tools, and treatments to achieve it.

Activity: This year, strategic alliances were created for the promotion of WSD 2023, in order to have much more coverage and make the public more aware about sleep disorders.

Our allies were:

  1. Bernes Medical Medicina del Sueno, El Salvador
  2. Laboratorios Medfarma, El Salvador
  3. Laboratorios Eurofarma, El Salvador
  4. This 2023 I had the honor of having the participation as a speaker in the keynote conference of the WSD with Dr. Roxana Marisol Carrillo. Medical doctor, Internal medicine and in Sleep Medicine specialist. Head of the sleep disorders clinic at the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security. Staff member of the sleep and epilepsy clinic in El Salvador. She is also 2022 Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees.

This 2023, our already traditional “Good Sleep Week” became “March: Good Sleep Month” 

The activities aimed at promoting the World Sleep Day based on this year’s slogan, were carried during all of March 2023.

As it has been a tradition since 2012, The Bernes Medical Banner for WSD 2023 and our :Chocolate of good sleep 2023″ were designed, the last one as a “thank you” souvenir for supporting media (radio and television programs) that interviewed us and allowed us to spread the World Sleep Day 2023 celebration nationwide.

The logo of this WSD 2023 was specially designed for the occasion, with the sole purpose of making the meaning of the slogan visibly clear: “SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL FOR HEALTH” 

It is a great satisfaction to know that the AHA includes sleep among the 8 essential factors for health. In this way, all of 2023 and not only in March, but I will also be holding national and international conferences about our 2023 slogan with doctors from different specialties.

Other activities carried out:

  • Our promotional button was designed alluding to the World Sleep Day 2023

  • Two Television programs interview: “Frente a Frente” and “DEBATE” both programs in daytime and night edition respectively are of great audience in El Salvador. You can see both interviews in the links below.
  • https://myces.com.sv/data/2023/MARZO/JuanK/Entrevistas/170323/TCS%20Frente%20a%20Frente%20170323%20-%20Dra.%20Elena%20Majano%20Mu%c3%b1oz,%20neur%c3%b3loga%20internista%20HQ.mp4
  • https://myces.com.sv/data/2023/MARZO/JuanK/Entrevistas/200323/TCS%20Plus%20Debate%20200323%20-%20Dra.%20Elena%20Majano%20Mu%c3%b1oz,%20neur%c3%b3loga%20internista%20HQ.mp4
  • 1 podcast was held throughout March to promote the WSD 2023. The podcast was made with “THE TRIBU” Morning radio of great reach and popularity in El Salvador, 1 hour on the air talking about WSD 2023, slogan, importance and actions to be taken in 2023. We answered various questions from the audience, we interacted a lot with the general population. A unique and very satisfying experience. Obviously, the podcast is in Spanish, our language, but you can listen to it in the link below.
  • https://podcasts.apple.com/sv/podcast/dra-elena-maricela-majano-mu%C3%B1oz-neur%C3%B3loga-internista/id1586835357?i=1000604688971
  • One of the two newspapers with the greatest relevance and reach in El Salvador: El Salvador.com allowed me to write an article to commemorate WSD 2023. Please see link below.
  • https://www.elsalvador.com/noticias/nacional/dia-mundial-sueno-salud/1047358/2023/

On Friday, March 17, the keynote conference about WSD 2023 was held.

It was attended by 112 medical professionals from different specialties, medical residents and medical students.

This event took place in the Convention Center of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Salvador.

As I mentioned before, there was the participation of Dr. Marisol Carrillo, who spoke about post-Covid- 19 sleep disorders.

Key topics of the conference:

  1. History and importance of World Sleep Da.
  2. Development of the Slogan for 2023.
  3. Characteristics of quality sleep, and how to achieve it.
  4. The consequences of poor sleep.
  5. The addition of SLEEP to the life’s essential 8 and its relevance now within the circle of life of the AHA (American Heart Association)
  6. Post covid sleep disorders, frequency and prevalence in the sleep medicine consultation, most common parasomnias in pandemic. By Dr. Carrillo
  7. Good sleep routines and the 10 sleep commandments were reinforced.
  8. Benefits of good sleep on in cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic health related to our slogan 2023.
  9. The Glymphatic system and its importance.

A great experience like every year in the promotion of sleep in El Salvador, many challenges is this “crusade for good sleep” but also, many plans and projects for this 2023. Mission accomplished so far.

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

Date of Activity: The complete month of March 2023

Submitted By: Elena Maricela Majano MD