El Salvador 2020: Elena Maricela Majano MD / Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurological Private Center

Delegate: Elena Maricela Majano MD

Affiliation: Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurological Private Center

Short Bio: Dr. Elena Majano / Medical Director of BERNES MEDICAL / Internal Medicine, Neurology & Sleep Medicine Specialist.
Studies: Inselspital – Universitätsspital Bern, Switzerland and Instituto de Neurociencias de la Fundación Favaloro, Instituto Privado de Medicina del Sueño Somnos y Centro Neurológico “Dr. Alfredo Thomson” adscrito al Ex Hospital Francés, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She currently directs the first private practice dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in El Salvador.
2012: Delegate for El Salvador.
2015: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees
2017: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees
2018: Winner of Distinguished Activity Awardees
Since 2012, El Salvador is part of the WSS. Our mission is to promote Good Sleep and raise awareness about the importance of sleep in life and for all ages, emphasizing its benefits and warning about the risks sleep disorders bring to people.

Activity: This year, strategic alliances were created for the promotion of WSD 2020, in order to have much more coverage and make the public more aware about sleep disorders.

Our allies are:
1. Bernes Medical Medicina del Sueño.
2. Laboratorios Medfarma, El Salvador

The activities during our traditional ¨La Semana Del Buen Dormir 2020¨ (The Good Sleep Week 2020) from 9th to 13th March 2020 were:
· In my private sleep lab, as a tradition, three patients with SAHS and economically disadvantages, benefited with specialist consultation and sleep study for free.
· On Friday, March 13th. The WSD 2020, I held a magistral conference.
Assistants: 83 doctors from different specialties.
Place: Intercontinental Hotel, San Salvador, El Salvador.
Key topics:
1. History and importance of the WSD.
2. The relevance of the 2020 WSD slogan.
3. The most important points to highlight within the media toolkit 2020.
4. The role of sleep disorders in decision making in our planet.
5. How the cognitive and emotional “vulnerability” caused by sleep disorders affects our planet.
6. 10 things we can do to improve the planet’s health from the perspective of sleep medicine.

• As it has been tradition since 2012, The Bernes Medical Banner for WSD 2020 and our ¨Chocolate of good sleep 2020¨ were designed, the last one as a “thank you” souvenir for supporting media (radio and television programs) that interviewed us and allowed us to spread the word of the celebration of WSD 2020 nationwide.
• This year a button was designed alluding to World Sleep Day 2020
• A special logo was designed, which was in accordance with the 2020 WSD slogan. Logo that will remind us how important it is to take care of our planet.
• Television programs: ¨Salud TV¨, “HOLA EL SALVADOR” and “De Mujer a Mujer” with a big national audience rating were visited to promote WSD 2020.

• Three events scheduled to celebrate WSD 2020 were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic:
1. Cinema forum about the movie INCEPTION
2. Sleep Medicine meeting, addressed to 150 doctors, with topics such as: sleep and memory, sleep and emotion and the importance of the glymphatic system.
3. Reforestation campaign with the participation of 45 volunteers who were going to plant a tree as a symbol of the importance of “lungs” in cities.
• All these events were suspended due to the social restriction measures implemented by the government of El Salvador to combat the transmission of COVID-19.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Date of Activity: 9th to 13th March 2020

Submitted By: Elena Maricela Majano MD