El Salvador 2016: Dra. Elena Majano

As part of the celebration of World Sleep Day 2016 we carried out a series of activities in El Salvador to celebrate our traditional: “Week of Good Sleep 2016”:

1. On Thursday March 10 a medical meeting given by Dr. Antonio Culebras, Dra. Ximena Alvarado (Bolivia) and myself was conducted. This conference was attended by 100 medical professionals from different specialties. A successful call indeed!. It was a unique event in El Salvador and that made ​​a difference in the concept of sleep medicine.

2. In the same day, we attend to a live interview of one hour duration, in one of the most watched programs on television in the country , here Dr. Culebras and Dr. Alvarado addressed to the general public and clarify concepts and importance WSD and good sleep.

3. From Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th, I went to interviews on radio and TV programs for the promotion of The World Sleep Day and talk about the slogan of this year.

4. During ¨La Semana del Buen Dormir¨ in my private sleep lab, five patients with sleep disorders: OSA and economically disadvantaged benefited with specialist consultation and sleep study for free.

5. I wrote two articles about WSD 2016, in the two most important newspapers in my country. These articles are almost a tradition since 2012.

6. The final and closing activity of the WSD 2016 took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Salvador on Saturday, March 19th. An open talk to the public, totally free. In this seminary we talked about the relevance and the meaning of WSD, sleep habits, sleep decalogue for adults and children and about the most common sleep disorders. 140 people attend to the open talk, was the first experience in this kind of events in El Salvador, We are very impressed and satisfied with the response from the public.

Date: From 14th to 18th March 2016
Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

Convsertario, Open talk about WSD 2016. El Salvador .

Convsertario, Open talk about WSD 2016. El Salvador .Conference El Salvadro 2016Closing Activity of WSD 2016, El Salvador Dra. Alvarado. El Salvador. 2016 Dra. Ximena Alvarado en programa Salud TV. ES. 2016 Ignauración de la Conferencia WASM en ES 2016 Media Covarage, WSD 2016. El Salvador Prof. y Dr. Antonio Culebras, Co-chair de WASM en programa Salud TV, El Salvador 2016 The two main WSD 2016 activities in El Salvador. WASM en programa de TV WSD 2016 newspaper articule. El Salvador WSD 2016 souvenir for the media interviews. El Salvador WSD 2016. El Salvador, TV show. Dra. Majano WSD 2016. El Salvador. TV Show. WSD 2016. El Salvador. TV show WSD 2016. El Salvador. TV Shows.

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Submitted by: Elena Majano, MD

Bio: Dr. Majano is the medical director of BERNES MEDICAL in the area of Neurology & Sleep Medicine Disorders. She is an Internist, Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist,with studies in Bern, Switzerland and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She currently directs the first private practice dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in El Salvador.  I’m so honored to be one of the 2015 Distinguished Activity Awardees.