From 9th to 13th March 2015, she’ll be promoting: “La Semana del Buen Dormir.” (“The Week of Good Sleep”)

This year the activities include:
1. Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th, she will attend radio interviews for the promotion of The World Sleep Day and talk about the slogan of this year.
2. Wednesday 11th, an open conference to be held for the patients. She will discuss the negative impact of insomnia in general health.
3. She already has invitations to morning television programs with national coverage and is going to talk about sleep disorders, diagnosis and treatment and of course about 2015 World Sleep Day slogan.
4. In the medical area of the main newspaper of national circulation in El Salvador, she is going to write an article about 2015 World Sleep Day, the slogan of this year and the importance of early diagnosis of sleep disorders.
5. Friday 13th, the most important day of the week, she is going to close this year celebration of World Sleep Day, with a conference-dinner with different specialists in medicine, and we are going to discuss the importance of a Good Night of Sleep in every area of the medicine.

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Dra. Elena Majano de Caru00EDasDr. Majano is the medical director of BERNES MEDICAL in the area of Neurology & Sleep Medicine Disorders. She is an Internist, Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist, with studies in Bern, Switzerland and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She currently directs the first private practice dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in El Salvador.