Egypt 2024: Asmaa Reda Ahmed | American Academy of Neurology Egyptian student chapter, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt

Delegate: Asmaa Reda Ahmed

Affiliation: American Academy of Neurology Egyptian student chapter, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt

Short Bio: The American Academy of Neurology Egyptian Student Chapter is under the advocacy of Faculty of Medicine- Alexandria University.

We are the first international AAN chapter, established in 2018.We are gladly supervised by Prof. Dr.Jaidaa Mekky, professor of Neuropsychiatry and sleep consultant at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, who led and encouraged us to participate in Sleep Awareness Day this year, and Prof. Dr. Azza Baraka, director of Quality Assurance Unit and professor of pharmacology at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.

Our vision is to create a generation familiar with neuroscience and its relevance to our daily lives.
Our mission is to integrate all interested students into informative collaborative environments, provide them with the needed scientific material, and create events that stimulate learning and promote their passion towards neuroscience.

Our wonderful AAN-Egypt team includes individuals from various backgrounds. This includes medicine, pharmacy, science, IT, music, and more! We organize interactive neuroscience lectures, workshops, and discussions bimonthly with professors and specialists involving advanced topics, rare phenomena, and topics relative to students’ lives. For example: mirror-touch synesthesia and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) with Prof. Dr. Yasmine El Ashram, professor of physiology, consultant intraoperative neurophysiologist at Alexandria University, and Dr. Salma Said, resident of Neurology.

Moreover, neurocinema “Inception” and sleep health discussion with Prof. Dr.Jaidaa Mekky and Journal club in form of scientific debate about the advantages and disadvantages of video games with prof. Dr. Heba Essam, professor of Neuropsychiatry, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.

Finally, our mega event is the Neurofestival, the first neuroscience festival in Egypt.

Activity: This is the first year that Alexandria University has contributed at a World Sleep Day event as a part of the second season of the neuro-festival! The neuro-festival is a two-day mega-event that holds neuroscientific-based discussions and activities. This includes interactive sessions about different neuroscientific topics related to our daily lives.

One of the most interesting spots this year has been about sleep, which highlights:
– importance of sleep and dreaming
– sleep cycle
– sleep and health
– sleep hygiene tips
– sleep phenomena
– when to seek help.

The aim of the festival is to spread major awareness regarding many neuroscience conditions. So far, we have held two rounds.

The first has been at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine campuses, Al Mowasah and Azarita, to celebrate Brain Awareness Week and Sleep Awareness Day on March 18th and 19th, 2024. Our audience exceeded 300 in count with amazing feedback. The second is going to be held today, May 1st and 2nd, 2024, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina Plaza, coincident with Alexandria Neuroscience Conference, targeting a more diverse audience with an age range of 6–60 years old. It is highly inspiring to see the impact created by the event. People from different backgrounds shared discussions regarding neuroscience and how its details fit the crevices of their lives. We are thrilled to see what this experience will bring, and truly, knowledge is power.

We share our updates on the AAN-Egypt page:

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Date of Activity: March 18 and 19, 2024

Submitted by: Asmaa Reda Ahmed Ahmed Youssef