Egypt 2019: Nevin FW Zaki

Delegate: Nevin FW Zaki

Affiliations: Dept of Psychiatry -Faculty of Medicine-Mansoura University

Short Bio: I am currently an assistant professor of psychiatry –Mansoura University Egypt and the WSD middle east coordinator; I am also the manager of sleep research unit at the Department of Psychiatry –Faculty of Medicine –Mansoura University. I had my doctorate degree in a visiting research fellowship to Oxford University –UK. Besides my academic duties as a university staff member, clinical and patient healthcare services are also on my daily task list As a senior consultant and sleep physician.

Activity: A training workshop for interpreting adult polysomnography.
Formal sleep educative programs are lacking in my country and the WSD was a good opportunity to spread the sleep educative trends among junior staff members.
The AASM guidelines for scoring and interpretation and hook up of adult studies were presented and discussed over a week-long of training.
Hands on training was also given to the trainees

Location: Dept.of psychiatry-faculty of medicine (Mansoura University )

Date of Activity: 12,13,14,21.22 march 2019

Submitted By: Nevin Zaki