Egypt 2017: Dr. Nevin Zaki

Delegate: Dr. Nevin Zaki

Affiliation:  Dr. Nevin FW Zaki & Dr. Nesreen Elmorsy together with Mansoura University Safety Society (MUSS) and Mansoura Faculty Of Medicine Vice Dean For Community Affairs

Activity: We conducted a very big event in Mansoura, Egypt. I am the regional coordinator for the middle east. The activity was actually a very well organized teamwork between the students from (Mansoura university safety society)and the respected university staff members, and sleep physicians to perform the following in an orchestrated manner at one of the most visited sports and community club in Mansoura city (gezerat elward club).

  1. Scientific talks for doctors in English titled as follows
    • Epidemiology of sleep disorders and extent of the problem (Prof Abdelbaset Saleh)
    • Pediatric sleep disorders (Ass.Prof.Mahmoud Elwasify)
    • Insomnia (to sleep or not to sleep is it unhealthy Ass.Prof.Nevin Zaki)
    • Snoring and OSA (Dr Nesreen Elmorsy)
    • Sleep hygiene practice (Dr Mohammed Elwasify)
    • Excessive daytime sleepiness (Dr Ahmad hamdey)
    • Sleep quiz by (Mohammed Alaa Head of MUSS)
  2. A booth at the main entrance of the sporting club, A booth at the lobby of Mansoura medical school and A booth at the entrance of the lecture hall. Visitors of the booths had the opportunity to obtain distributed brochures containing translated materials and public questions about sleep were answered.
  3. A Facebook group was created for the event about a month before the date of (17th March) with posting of information that target sleep awareness and motivate others to attend and participate in the big event
  4. A twitter account was created for the same purpose and luckily the (WASM) liked both our pages and engaged in fruitful Q& A with the team.
  5. The translation of sleep related educative brochures were created by Dr Nevin Zaki and Dr Nesreen Elmorsy and printed out by the help of MUSS student members
  6. Press release about the WSD in one high sale Egyptian newspapers was performed
  7. Multiple banners with the WSD 2017 logo were designed and placed in high density population areas
  8. The WSD logo was printed on T shirts and distributed for free to the public
  9. The logo was printed on some mugs and given them out to our international guests from (Spain and Bangladesh)
  10. The WSD logo was printed on key holding medals and notebooks
  11. Calling for the sleep industry companies to participate with the education about PSG, CPAP, and HST devices
  12. Organizing a panel of discussion in the form of Qs from the public and answers from the sleep experts (pictures provided)

MUSS Members: Muhammed Alaa Moukhtar Hammad Mahmoud Magdi Mohamed Elsayed Hussam Abdelsalam Mohammed Gad Mohamed issam abdelaziz Kabsha Mahmoud Saad Elnadi Mahmoud Kamal El-Deen AlSehrawy Mohammed Bakr Abou nossir Ibrahim Mohamed Elsayed Arafa Mahmoud Salah Elagouz Hussam khaled Ibrahim El-Besy ElSayed Mohamed Ihab ElSayed Elhussein Heiba Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaziz Mekki Mahmoud Essam AbdulAziz ElQenawi Nihal Mustafa Hassan Saleh Sarah Alaa Eldin Farid Elhefnawi Walaa Yasser ElHusseini Sherouk Reda Ahmed ElSheiwi Aliya Ali Ahmed Sallam Sara Elhusseini Mohamed Omar Elhusseini Lena Osama fath sharf shoaib Aya Ezzat Abdelghany Alaa Abdelrahman Abdelazeim Sonbol Esraa Mortada Ali Ahmed Mossa Injy Elsaid Abdelhady Nourhan Elhadidy Elhadidy Muhammed Nourhan Sayed Aly Aboualmaaty Amira Kamel El-Demerdash Fadl Rana Breika

Vice dean for community affairs Prof Nesrene Omar
Manager of Sleep research center and Middle east-regional coordinator Dr Nevin FW Zaki
Head of sleep Medicine training center Prof Abdelbaset Saleh
AFrica coordinator Mahmoud Elwasify

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Location: Egypt

Date: March 2017

Submitted by: Dr. Nevin Zaki

Short Bio: Nevin F.W. Zaki
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Somnologist & Manager of Sleep research unit
Dept.of Psychiatry, Mansoura University
Doctorate degree in a joint supervision system with Oxford university
Mini fellowship if the AASM
ESRS somnologist