Egypt 2017: Dr. Mohamed El-Begermy

Delegate: prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Begermy
Affiliations: ENT Professor Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt

1- Two Lectures for all the hospital physicians 16-2-2017: OSA overview.- polysomnography – Sponsored by Al-Emadi hospital Doha Qatar
2-Two Lecture for ENT specialists7-4-2017: OSA Diagnosis- and management overview – UPPP How to do, pitfalls and causes of failure, how to avoid and Sponsored by Tabuk pharmaceutical company
3-Lecture for patients, relatives and hospital visitors. It will be preceeded by printed informations- Sponsored by Al-Emadi hospital Doha Qatar, date not yet confirmed.
4- A talk in Al-Jazeera Mubasher TV channel approved – provisional date within one week.
5- A readable essay in Al-Shark News approved – date not confirmed.
6- OSA seminar with accredited CME points. Still in procedure.
7- Our hope: A regional Conference on OSA at the end of this year.

Location: 1- Al Emadi Hospital Doha Qatar 2-Doha Marriott Hotel

Date: 1- Activity numbe 1 16- march -2017 —— Activity 2: 7- April -2016

Submitted by: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elbegermy
Professor Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Azim El-Begermy
Professor of OtoRhinoLaryngology.
Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt.
Now Senior ENT consultant Al Emadi Hospital Doha Qatar
Scientific certificates:
1. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MbBch) Ain Shams University, Dec. 1974.
2. Master of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery (MS), Ain Shams University 1978, Thesis on: (Pathology Of Chronic Tonsillitis).
3. Doctor Degree of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery (MD) Ain Shams University 1983, Thesis on: (Effect of Aminoglucosides on the inner ear of Guinea Pigs in Presence Of Amino-Oxy-Acetic Acid). The thesis was done in Tubingen University, Germany, in the frame of channel system project between Germany & Egypt- DAAD scholarship.

Jobs in Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University (ASU), Cairo Egypt:
1. House officer from 1-3-1975 to 28-2-1976
2. Resident in ENT department ASU from 1-3-1967 to 24-6-1978.
3. Tutor of ENT, ASU, from 25-6-1978 to 17-3-1979.
4. Assistant Lecturer of ENT ASU from 18-3-1979 to 3-8-1983.
5. Lecturer of ENT ASU from 4-8-1983 to 29-8-1988.
6. Assistant Professor of ENT ASU from 30-8-1988 to 30-8-1993.
7. Professor of ENT ASU from 31-8-1993 till now.
8. Head of ENT unit in ASU specialized Hospital from 1-10-1992 to 1-101993.
9. Head of otology unit in ENT dep. ASU and Temporal Bone dissection lab. (ASUSH) from 1-9-2006 till 31-8-2012.
10. Emeritus Professor of ENT, ASU 1-9-2012 till now
11. Member of the committee for promotion of ENT Professors and Assistant Professors – The supreme council of Egyptian universities from 1-1-2013 till 1-6-2016.
Scientific experience in Ain Shams University, Egypt
A- In Ear Surgery (Otology):
1. Mastering middle ear surgery including tympanoplasty, ossiculplasty, cholesteatoma surgery, with special interest in cartilage tympanoplasty (more than 3500 operations), stapedectomy (about 500 operations).
2. Wide experience of local anesthesia for ear surgery.
3. Facial nerve surgery, Congenital meatal atresia, surgery of ear tumors as Glomus Tympanicum and Jugulaire, Carcinoma of the middle and external ear, CPA and Internal auditory meatus (with neurosurgical team).
4. Cochlear implant project began at AU Specialized Hospitals since 1995 and in Demerdash Hospital since 2010. I was the head of the team in Demrdash hospital for 2 years (2010-2012).
5. Sharing , teaching and training in the ASU temporal Bone course which was held 2-3 times yearly from 1997 till 2012 (I was the president of the course for 3 years from 2009-2012).
6. Save hearing project of IMA (Islamic medical society) 14 workshops in Egyptian Hospitals

B- In Nasal Surgery (Rhinology):
1. Classic external and endonasal surgery of the septum and paranasal sinuses.
2. Functional Septo-Rhinoplasty: Beside attending several international courses. We developed our yearly course in ASU since march 2000 in which I shared teaching and training the attended doctors. I also developed my own 2 days course which was held in Yemen, and many Egyptian Town Hospitals as Tanta and Damanhoor. I wrote a simplified manual on this subject.
3. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS): I was one of the pioneer team that introduced this surgery in Egypt, with Prof. R Kamel & M Helal). I founded a training program in Medical Syndicate in Egypt 1995 till 1998, shared in teaching FESS course of ASU from 1998 till now, including the anatomical dissection, surgery of sinusitis, technique modifications, pediatric FESS, Nasal polyposis, DCR & Tumor surgery.
4. Endonasal pituitary gland surgery. Our prof. M El-Kahky was the pioneer of transnasal pituitary surgery in the middle east since the early 1960s. I was trained on his hands and allowed to do this surgery since 1992. After 1995 we introduced the Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoid approach. Beside doing about 200 operations, I supervised 3 thesis on this subject.
5- Endoscopic anterior skull base surgery including CSF rhinorrhea and anterior skull base tumors.

C- Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery:
1- I shared in preparing and teaching three levels of Head and Neck Surgery courses in ASU including: Basic and Advanced Surgical Techniques and Decision making.
2- Sharing in laryngology course held by Prof. Naser Kotby Pioneer of Phoneatrics and Phonsurgery in the middle Eastm(began since 1975)
3- Experience in Micro-laryngo-surgery I developed my own course in this field .
4- Experience in total and partial laryngectomy- pharyngectomy for cancer.
5- Neck dissection (for malignant cervical lymph nodes).
6- Special experience in Thyroid and parotid gland surgeries.
7- Management (Diagnosis and Managemen) of OSA (obstructive Sleep Apnea)

D – Research methodology Teaching and Training experience:
1-Responsible for ENT Continuous medical education (CME) in Egyptian Syndicate.
2-Head of scientific committee and CME of Islamic Medical Association (IMA).
3-Evidence based Medicine, meta-analysis, Systematic Reviews.
4-Research methodology course of ASU.
5-German language courses (Sprach Institut Tubengen, Germany1981).
6-Modern Teaching Methods (medical teaching course of ASU, 1986).
7-Al-Azhar University Islamic Studies (License Certificate of Dawaa 1998).
8-Researches on medical and scientific aspects in Quran and Sunna.
9-Supervised more than 60 thesis and essay master and MD degrees.
10-I did about 100 researches in the field of otorhinolarngology and related sciences.
11-Attended hundreds of scientific international and national conferences, meetings and courses in Egypt and abroad.
12- Membership of the Egyptian Otolaryngologic society, Egyptian society of ENT and Allied sciences, Islamic medical society, Head of ENT association of IMS.
13- Author or co-author of 7 scientific Books
Teaching in the following courses of ENT dep. Of ASU:
1- Ear surgery and Temporal Bone dissection
2- Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) 2 courses Basic and Advanced.
3- Functional Septo-RhinoPlasty (SRP)
4- Head and Neck Surgery (Three courses: Basic, Advanced and Decision making).
5- Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
6- Laryngology and Phonosurgery.
7- ENT Radiology and Imaging.
8- ENT emergencies.
9- Research Methodology.
Author or co-author of the following scientific Books:
1-Temporal Bone dissection manual, Ain Shams University El-Begermy and 8 other authors, 120 pages, first edition: September 1997.
2- Manual of Endoscopic sinus surgery, Ain Shams University El-Begermy and 9 other authors, 70 pages, first edition: March 2000.
3- Otology, Rhinology, Head and Neck surgery for undergraduates. Ain Shams University, El-Begermy and 8 other authors, 500 pages, first edition: September 2002.
4-Functional Septorhinoplasty, Ain Shams University El-Begermy single author, 50 pages, first edition: December 2003.
5- Manual of OSA course Ain Shams University 1st edited 2005.
6-Imaging in Otolaryngology- Head and Neck surgery. Ain Shams University, El-Begermy and 13 other authors, 120 pages, first edition: February 2005.
7- Otoendoscopy. M El-Begermy as a single author 30 pages first edition 2002.