Dr Nevin FW Zaki & Dr Nesreen Morsy

Delegate: Dr Nevin FW Zaki (Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Middle East Coordinator for WSD)+Dr Nesreen Morsy (Lecturer of Pulmonology& Egypt Coordinator for WSD)

Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine -Mansoura University -Egypt

Short Bio: I am an assistant professor of psychiatry –Mansoura University Egypt and the WSD Middle East Coordinator; I am also the manager of sleep research unit at the Department of Psychiatry –Faculty of Medicine –Mansoura University and an ESRS somnologist. I had my doctorate degree in a visiting research fellowship to Oxford University –UK. I also spent sleep fellowship time at Penn sleep center USA &Pittsburgh university sleep laboratory. Besides my academic duties as a university staff member, clinical and patient healthcare services are also on my daily task list As a senior consultant and sleep physician with a 20 year experience . Currently i am working at the North Area Armed Forces Hospital in KSA.

Activity: Due to social distance measures because of COVID-19 pandemic .we organized an online zoom webinar .the invitation link was circulated among groups and interested subjects on social media .here is a link to a recording of the full activity https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aELPJC0QX-qppHLW0BOdq5w8zd1Gepib/view?usp=sharing we had imminent speakers participating including: 1.Prof Hrayr Attarian (Northwestern University-USA)in a talk about parasomnia 2.Dr Mohammed Alabri (Sultan Qaboos University- Oman)in a talk about the state of art of sleep medicine in Oman . 3.Dr Saleh Eleissa (King Saud university -KSA) in a talk about comorbidity of OSA and cardiovascular diseases. 4.Mrs Meyad Sayeri (King Saud university -KSA )in a talk about role of health education in sleep medicine 5.Dr Nesreen Elmorsy (Faculty of Medicine -Mansoura University )talking about healthy sound sleep 6.Dr Nevin FW Zaki (Faculty of Medicine -Mansoura University )in a short talk about the management of insomnia we also translated the WSD media material into Arabic and shared it on social media groups. We used the Hashtag of the World Sleep Day in Facebook and Twitter we have been conducting ongoing sleep awareness among our patients and staff members throughout the year

Location: online webinar (middle east)

Date of Activity: 19-Mar-21

Submitted by: Dr Nevin FW Zaki