Denmark 2023: Adele Jansson | Eira Vi

Delegate: Adele Jansson

Affiliation: Eira Vi

Short Bio: Bachelor in Global Nutrition and Health.

Master’s Degree (cand.comm) in Health Promotion and Performance Design.

Founder of the non-profit organisation Eira Vi, that is a network for health professionals and artists, producing and designing creative health interventions.

Activity: Sleep & Rest event
Sleep expert Helle Bentzen share information on our body’s biology in relation to sleep.
Psychologist and sound therapist Aiste Venskune create a calming sound bath together with the choir Klangsaft.
Performance designer Adele Jansson share creative techniques for better sleep.

Location: Copenhagen

Date of Activity: 13-04-2023

Submitted by: Adele Jansson