Denmark 2019: Jan Ovesen

Delegate: Jan Ovesen

Affiliations: specialist in ENT (1990) and Sleep Medicine (2009)

Short Bio: 1976 MD, University of Copenhagen. 1976-92 diff hospitals in Copenhagen. 1992-2000 Senior Consultant, dept. of ENT, Head of sleep dept. Nyköpings Lassaret, Sweden. 2000 Co-founder of Scansleep, Copenhagen, a private Sleep Medicine Clinic, 2007 Co-founder af Scansleep Clinical Trials. Both companies sold in 2012. 2013 senior consultant in sleep medicine at CapioCFR hospital in Skørping Denmark.2013 co-founder of Medei.Aps (software comp) 2013 founder of Søvnexperten, a private sleep medicine clinic, focusing on CBT-I.

Activity: Contact to local papers and TV stations with the request that they present data on the current status of sleep disturbances in Denmark.

Location: Denmark

Date of Activity: March 15, 2019

Submitted By: Jan Ovesen