Czechia 2024: Jitka Bušková | National Institute of Mental Health

Delegate: Jitka Bušková

Affiliation: National Institute of Mental Health

Short Bio: Jitka Bušková, MD, PhD is neurologist, certified as Expert Somnologist, she is Head of the Sleep Medicine Department and senior researcher at National Institute of Mental Health.

Activity: 1) Online communication: Education about RBD
Parasomnias in older population receive minimal attention compared to prevalent issues like sleep apnea. Conditions such as RBD, pharmacogenic parasomnias, or PLMS are often overlooked as “age-related poor sleep” by both patients and healthcare providers. On the local level, we therefore believe these topics warrant greater awareness and education, aligning with this year’s theme of “Sleep Equity.

That’s why we launched a dedicated website focused on REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD), accessible at (English: wild/disturbed dreams). Our goal was to inform the public about the symptoms of this condition, offering a screening test (RBDSQ), and providing direct contact for individuals with concerning results. Additionally, we offered tips on sleep hygiene to promote overall sleep health.

For the World Sleep Day, we decided to bolster our efforts even more. We conducted extensive online communication through social media channels and implemented a paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Our target audience included individuals aged 48 and above residing in our region (Prague, Central Bohemia, and nearby areas).

Over eight days, our campaign reached 160,524 individuals, roughly 20% of our target population. During this period, our posts garnered a total of 305,973 views. Additionally, 4,032 individuals visited our website after interacting with the promoted posts, resulting in a click-through rate of 1.32%.

Among those who completed the screening questionnaire and received concerning scores indicating potential RBD, 61 individuals contacted us for further assistance. We have since scheduled appointments for most of these patients, and the first of them has already undergone a video-polysomnography examination, confirming an RBD diagnosis.

We view this initiative as a significant step toward promoting sleep health. Early detection of RBD can profoundly impact patients’ quality of life, given its potential severe implications. Notably, we observed heightened interest among the older demographic (65 years and above), underscoring the importance of modern technologies as effective communication tools across all age groups.

Results – summary:
Campaign duration: 8 days
Reached: 160 524
Impressions (number of views): 305 952
Average frequency: 1.91
Add clicks (incl. expanding the add to read more text): 9 276 (3.03 % of all views)
Website visits: 4032 (1.32 % of all views)
Patients with positive screening who reach out to us: 61

Figure 1: Results from the 8-day social media campaign educating about RBD.Impressions, reach and click-through rate by age group.
Note: Meta doesn’t allow exclusive targeting of a specific target group, only broader preferences, which were set to 48 years and older.

Image 1: Example of a visual for the online campaign
English: Having wild dreams, accompanied by rash movements… can it be an issue? Take a test

2) Narcolepsy
For the younger population, we focused on raising awareness about one of the more rare, but severe diagnoses. We conducted a communication campaign both online and offline, tailored to the age group, to communicate the most common symptoms of narcolepsy and provide direct contact information for seeking assistance. To spread awareness, we published content on our social media and website, and distributed flyers and posters to elementary schools and high schools in our area (Prague and Central Bohemia).

Location: Prague and Central Bohemia

Date of Activity: March and April 2024

Submitted by: Jitka Bušková