Czech Republic 2022: National Institute of Mental Health/ Bušková Jitka | National Institute of Mental Health

Delegate: National Institute of Mental Health/ Bušková Jitka

Affiliation: National Institute of Mental Health

Short Bio: Jitka Bušková, MD, PhD is a neurologist, certified as Expert Somnologist, and a Head of the Sleep Medicine Department and senior researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Activity: To support World Sleep Day 2022, we took a comprehensive and somewhat independent approach, for the following reasons:
1) There are many significant days during the year with illness or health problems, so they no longer receive the media attention, or not the attention they deserve from a professional point of view. This is especially true at such a difficult time as we are currently experiencing due to the war in Ukraine. That is why it was an effort to communicate the topic independently, regardless of the interest and workload of the media.
2) We believe that communicating such a wide topic as sleep in one day is not sufficient. For greater educational effect, we spread it over a longer period of time.

Summary results: Contributions on Instagram 21, Instagram Polls 10, Counselling on Facebook 1, Media Output from the Press Release 15

Location: Czech Republic

Date of Activity: March, 1-31

Submitted by: Jitka Bušková