Czech Republic 2020: National Institute of Mental Health / Bušková Jitka

Delegate: National Institute of Mental Health/ Bušková Jitka

Affiliations: National Institute of Mental Health, Klecany

Short Bio: Jitka Bušková, MD, PhD is neurologist, certified as Expert Somnologist, she is Head of the Sleep Medicine Department and senior researcher at National Institute of Mental Health.

Activity: In line with this year’s main theme we decide to target the out audience by providing various cultural events related to sleep. In collaboration with theatre director Linda Dušková we will act as professional guarantee and cooperation of the theather play The House without Sleep, which will be featured by one of Prague’s most renowned theathers specializing in documentary production during March to May. After each performance, including the premiere, we will present World Sleep Day. This event will also include lecture about sleep disorders and will be followed by public discussion and Q&A sessions. Our program will also target young viewer but will be adjusted to their needs. We prepare special performances for children in their own schools, along with worksheets that will be distributed to children prior to the play and will cover basics about sleep and sleep disorders. After the play correct answers will be discussed and children will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

In order to raise the topic of sleep and mental health and quality of life in those suffering from mental health issues we take part in festival called „Na Hlavu“. We also present the issue of sleep at the „Na hlavu“ festival, which is organized by NIMH as a leading Czech research and development center in the field of mental health and sleep research. The aim of the festival is to bring the topic of mental health and neurosciences including sleep close to public attention through commonly known popular films in which one or many participants deal with such problems. Each screening is followed by expert lecture covering the main topic both from clinical and research point of view, along with discussions and seminars with Czech leading experts in the field.

As we acknowledge the need to raise this topic also in teenage group, we prepare series of lectures for secondary school students. Unlike worksheets for young children, teenage students will be instructed to read about what they find interesting about sleep and prepare questions so they can join a discussion with the expert after the lecture.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Date of Activity: March-May 2020

Submitted By: Jitka Bušková, MD, PhD