Czech Republic 2019: Roman Chomat

Delegate: Roman Chomat

Affiliations: Materasso Slovakia, Oravské Veselé

Short Bio: I am CEO at Materasso Slovakia. Materasso is the team of experts with rich and years of experience in producing orthopedic mattresses and bedding. We rely on the quality of production and used materials

Activity: We will be celebrating World Sleep Day on 15 March 2019. In the Czech Republics, we will be celebrating in the city of Ústí nad Orlicí by measuring sleep in the Sefir store (

We are inviting everyone who wants to choose the ideal mattress ( for themselves to have the suitability of the mattress measured using the X-SENSOR blanket. Using pressure sensors, of which there are 2,440 in the blanket, we will obtain a precise “map” of the transfer of the user’s pressure on to the mattress.

Location: Ústí nad Orlicí

Date of Activity: 14.-15.3. 2019

Submitted By: Roman Chomat