Czech Republic 2018: Sona Nevsimalova

Delegate: Sona Nevsimalova, Prof., MD

Affiliations: Department of Neurology, Charles University, 1ast Faculty of Medicine

Short Bio: Professor Sona Nevsimalova has devoted the greatest part of her life to sleep medicine. She has published over 200 scientific papers, 7 monographs and 32 monographic chapters. Her main interest is focused on childhood sleep disorders and particularly central hypersomnias (narcolepsy). She received many scientific awards (including one from the American Academy of Neurology) and honorary prizes for her research, the latest one for the whole life scientific contribution from the President of the Czech Republic (autumn 2017). At present, she is the Vice-President of the Czech Sleep Society, and just finished a four-year period as the President of the Czech Society of Child Neurology. She has organized several International Congresses, and participated in the Scientific Committees of the ESRS and WASM. The main organizing effort was focused on the World Sleep 2017, held in Prague last October; more than 2.700 delegates participated in this event.


1) Press release conference on Circadian rhythm and its disorders including treatnment(Nevsimalova + Sonka)
2) Circadian rhythmicity – lecture devoted to World Sleep Day at the Czech Academy of Sceince(Nevsimalova)
3) National Institute of Mental Health- a half day programme devoted to World Sleep Day (Buskova and her PhD students)
4) Many activities in TV, radio, newspapers (Nevsimalova,Sonka,Pretl)

Location: Ad 1) Prague, hotel Majestic, ad 2) Prague, Academy of Science, ad 3) Prague, NIMH

Date of Activity: ad 1) March 6, 2018, ad 2 and 3) March 16, 2018, ad 4) one week before and after March 16, 2018

Submitted By: Sona Nevsimalova, Vice President of the Czech Sleep Society